October 28, 2010

Present: Kim Klassen, Ang Teichroeb, Judge Wood, Lonnie Stoesz, Sheldon Zacharias, Jake Bergen, Al Friesen, Angela Apperley, Nancy Friesen, Terry Peters and Jennifer Derksen. Missing: Irene Janz

1. It was brought up at the annual meeting that we offer a reduced entry rate for our men’s and ladies bonspiels to encourage more team entries.  We agreed to charge $80 per team for the men’s and ladies bonspiels for this season – with mixed remaining the same as the previous year. After this year we will review if this measure actually made our team entries go up.

2. Criminal checks were also brought up at our annual meeting. The executive agreed we would encourage all volunteers involved in the junior program to have a recent criminal check. Sheldon to call all volunteers.

3. Currently we have $1,000 in a term account that we will designate for future compressor costs. Junior rates for this season will also go towards the compressor. The motion was made for Nancy to take $2,000 from our general fund and deposit into our “compressor” account. Kim seconded the motion. Carried. Al to discuss the possibility of the Town of Altona sharing the costs of the new compressor.

4. Terry ordered 80 new grippers of assorted sizes @ $7.95 per gripper. It was agreed we would sell them for $10 per gripper. Terry will also get some bins for the new grippers.

5. Terry to purchase a refurbished coffee maker for $90 to replace the one we currently have.

6. Duties for the 2010/2011 season are as follows: Ladies bonspiel: Judge, Lonnie, Irene; Men’s bonspiel: Ang T, Jenn, need one more; Mixed bonspiel: Al, Angela A, Kim.

7. 200 Club tickets are printed and selling.

8. Janice Wiebe to help Terry out with getting 3 year sponsorship contracts. Wendy sent out bills for in-ice sponsorships. Look into silk screen for in-ice logos to get a better quality.

9. Five teams signed up so far for Friday family fun night, last year we had six.

10. Terry made contact with Kip at Miller about our “ Taste of…”

11. Adjournment.

Next meeting – Monday, December 6 @ 7 p.m.

Minutes recorded and submitted by secretary, Jennifer Derksen

2010 Annual General Meeting – Monday, October 18 @ 7 p.m.


Present: 25 curling members

Al Friesen called the meeting to order at 7:15 and welcomed everyone.

The minutes of the 2009 Annual General Meeting were approved.

Presidents Report – Al Friesen

Thanks for your attendance tonight, and indication of support for the Altona Curling Club.  We have an exciting year ahead with the Club and the Community hosting the Scotties 2011 Tournament of Hearts at the end of January.

What happened last year? Well, according to the financial report, it was a pretty decent year. We are still not happy with the way our membership numbers are dropping, or at best holding their own, but there are many areas to be enthused about.

We began a Friday family curling night….it was not overly organized, intentionally so, but it’s a start, and we are trying that again in 2010.

We continue to pay our bills and debts on time and on schedule.

We signed a new lease with the Town of Altona with modest increases in our annual lease payments tied into the cost of inflation.

We benefitted from the installation of a sliding security door and purchased an AED unit that will be installed shortly.

The community continues to make good use of this facility, it’s a $7,000 plus item on our income – almost half of our membership dues.

Despite Terry needing to take a limited role, thanks to Trevor Fehr and others, it all came together.

The Fish Fry continues to be one of the most high profile events for our club in Altona and area – a full 20% of our revenue.

Ahead? We need to hold onto our sponsorships…..it’s not a good coincidence that most of the sponsorships are due, the same year of the Scotties

We need to try hard to attract former and new members onto the ice, not just attending events.

At some point we will need to deal with our rocks, and their limited life span.

We need to invest in our Junior program which as intended is attracting new curlers, and their parents to our facility.

We need to do a better job of connecting with our members through current technology – to that end – we need to have every potential email address, we need to encourage our members to check out out website for minutes, executive decisions, and opportunities to get involved.

Special thanks to your fellow curlers who freely gave of their time – Tim Fast, Judge Wood, Ang Teichroeb, Irene Janz, Ang Apperley, Kim Klassen, Jenn Derksen, Jake Bergen, and Kelly Hildebrandt who served on the executive in some sort of leadership capacity.

Financial Update

Wendy Friesen prepared the Balance Sheet and Income Statement for the month ending September 30, 2010 which was presented by Nancy Friesen.

• Memberships were down a bit • There was a revenue loss from a business sponsorship but overall Income increased to 24 thousand dollars, including a three thousand dollar utility rebate from the Town of Altona and in increase in lounge income  Club rentals, and fish fry income was similar to prevous years

Nancy moved the motion for approval of the Balance Sheet and Income Statement as presented.

Vic Klassen seconded.



Nancy reported she will not be collecting registration fees this year.

Angela Apperly will collect for the Tuesday ladies; Judge Wood, mens; Sheldon Zacharias, family fun night/juniors; Phyllis Friesen & Leona Nickel, Wednesday ladies.

Curling memberships will increase to $200 per person from $195.

Club Manager Report

Terry reported Trevor will helping out for the next month. After this, Jonathan will be assisting Terry for the remainder of the season.

It was noted our current compressor has 13,000 hours, recommended is 10,000 hours – we should look at having to spend money on a new compressor in the near future. Estimated is cost $6,000 – $10,000.

Terry acknowledged we are grateful for the sound system that was donated to our club by Ken Penner and Carey Kehler. It makes our club a better product for rentals. The value of the sound system is $9,000-$10,000.

Terry passed along the suggestion that we drop the curling fee for the men’s bonspiel to $80 to attract more teams like in past years. Vic Klassen pointed out we should also be mindful of participating in other local bonspiels, as many other towns come to our bonspiels.

Terry also pointed out that our curling rocks will need replacing soon. Currently he is sanding them twice a year but the granite is just too soft. For 4 sheets we would be looking at upwards of $30,000.

200 Club Tickets

Jake Bergen hopes to have tickets available shortly.

Junior Curling Report – Sheldon Zacharias

Junior curling will run from Nov. 4 to Dec. 9 and Jan. 6 to Feb. 11. Fees remain the same as last year – $35 per session. New this year is a participant waiver form that must be completed and handed in prior to stepping out on the ice. We are also implementing a new double gripper policy. CCA requires that all junior curlers wear 2 grippers on the ice. The club hopes to purchase some additional grippers for the season to help out with this.

Shaun Friesen brought up the liability issue of volunteers in the junior program having a current criminal check done.

2011 Scotties Tournament of Hearts

A number of meetings have been held and committee heads are in place.

Queen of Hearts is the theme. A volunteer sign-up drive night is coming up soon. Keep checking the website for more information.

2010 – 2011 Executive

Resigned/completed terms: Kelly Hildebrand, Tim Fast

Continuing executive members: Al Friesen, Judge Wood, Angela Apperly, Kim Klassen, Ang Teichroeb, Irene Janz, Jake Bergen, and Jennifer Derksen.

New to the executive: Sheldon Zacharias, Lonnie Stoesz.

New Business

We have purchased an AED unit (cost shared with the Oakview Golf Course). Nancy will give the ladies a quick overview of the unit on the first night of curling and Al to give the men an overview of the unit. Members are encouraged to go to heartzap.ca and familiarize yourself with the unit.

Elvira Harder is generously donating a quilt she made to raffle off with proceeds going towards the club.

We will determine at the next meeting if we should use it at the Scotties or at regular curling club functions.

200 Club Draw

Vic Klassen won the 200 Club Draw ticket draw for a chance to win.

Meeting adjourned.

October 12, 2010 Meeting Minutes

Present: Al Friesen, Sheldon Zacharias, Nancy Pappel, Irene Janz, Angela  Apperley, Kim Klassen and Jennifer Derksen. Missing: Terry Peters, Jake Bergen, Ang Teichroeb, and Judge Wood.

Terry will again assume the role of Club Manager, and has hired Jonathon Peters to assist with the role of ice technician.

1. Nancy reported our finances were good for the beginning of the season. A detailed financial report will be available at the annual meeting on October 19. We received a surplus utilities cheque (estimated over the last 3 years) from the Town of Altona. Terry to read the meter at the beginning of the season and at the end of the season.

2. The Club Manager’s report was not available at this meeting.

3. Jake Bergen is in the process of getting the license for the 200 Club tickets. We are hoping to have printed tickets to distribute at the annual meeting.

4. Sheldon Zacharias will be taking over the junior curling club program from Kelly Hildebrand.  Sheldon has printed a junior curling program hand-out along with a mandatory participant waiver form that all participants in the junior program must complete and hand-in. Sheldon pointed out the need for more grippers. Terry to phone Asham and see what kind of volume discount we can get. It was discussed that the Club purchase the grippers with the money the Wednesday ladies donated to the club last season. New grippers should be in place by start of junior curling on Nov. 4. It was noted that the CCA is requiring all junior curlers to wear dual grippers while on the ice. A date of Feb. 25 & 26 was set for the junior curling bonspiel – Angela Apperley offered to help coordinate with Sheldon. Sheldon to continue with Family Fun Night on Fridays. We hope to generate interest in our club through this night.

5. Dates for bonspiels in 2011 will be: Ladies, January 7, 8 & 9; Men’s, February 18, 19 & 20; Mixed, March 18, 19 & 20.

6. Al provided a Curl MB update: men’s, ladies and seniors men’s will be staying the same, however, juniors, seniors women and diamond ladies to change to a regional concept in an attempt to generate interest.

7. Executive terms are under review.

8. Annual meeting will be held on October 19 at 7 p.m. Al to send out an email to members. It was decided the cost per team this year will be $200. Angela Apperley to take care of ladies membership registration and collecting of money. Judge and  ??? to take care of men’s registration and collecting of money. It was noted Phyllis Friesen and Leona Nickel take care of Wednesday ladies registration.

9. Terry will be starting the ice on October 15 – he is looking for volunteers to help with boards, etc. Al to send an email to members asking for volunteer help.

10. Al gave a Scotties Tournament of Hearts update.

11. New business: We discussed where the AED should be mounted and whether or not we should mount the first aid kit beside it – the executive will decide placement before the start of the season. On the first day of curling Nancy to give the ladies a quick review of the AED and Al to give a quick review to the men. We discussed a laminated sheet with operating instructions beside the AED.

Note: Sponsorship banners and ice logos need to be reviewed and renewed as well… Al  to make contact with Terry Peters.

12. Adjournment.

Minutes recorded and submitted by secretary, Jennifer Derksen