December 6, 2010

Present: Al Friesen, Terry Peters, Sheldon Zacharias, Ang Teichroeb, Irene Janz, Angela  Apperley, Jennifer Derksen, Tim Fast. Missing: Nancy Pappel,  Jake Bergen, Judge Wood, Kim Klassen, Lonnie Stoesz.

1. Nancy was not able to attend but reported bills are current, still waiting for some outstanding membership dues, and $2,000 was deposited for anticipated compressor costs. 2. Waiting for the Town of Altona on our share of rental revenue from April to October – Ron to let us know before the end of December.

3. Terry reported that 2 banners have been sold to GJ Chemical and Prairie Insurance Brokers, waiting to hear confirmation from BASF. We have lost some banquet bookings before Christmas – some of the spots have been filled but there are still some open spots. Bills for bookings are current and invoices have been sent out.

4. The theme for the ladies bonspiel will be “80s reunion”. Al to give Lonnie and Judge a list of possible businesses to contact for prizes – Angela to write a letter to give to businesses. Irene to put prizes together and put on display. Terry to make the meal – menu to be decided. Judge and Lonnie to take care of bar duties. Angela A. to take care of I-Pod music. Jennifer to make posters and give to Terry to distribute and send to Wendy to put on website. Any discussions /decisions in regards to the bonspiel can be done via email as our next meeting is after the bonspiel.

5. Jake was not able to attend but reported that all 200 Club tickets are out and 40% have already been returned. We hope to make the first draw at the ladies bonspiel.

6. Sheldon reported the first session of junior curling was almost over with the new session starting on Jan. 6. The first session ran smoothly with no incidents but there was a shortage of volunteers. Sheldon to send out a survey with parents/curlers to get a feel on what we can do better, etc. There was some discussion about offering jackets for junior curlers, shoe rentals, etc. We also discussed reusing some of our old trophies for the winning teams at our junior bonspiel on Feb. 26.

7. There was some discussion again regarding terms – nothing got finalized as all executive members were not present – to be reviewed at next meeting.

8. We need to decide this week whether we will be sending any teams to the Dominion Curling Championship March 25-28. The club will pay the $125 entry fee for a ladies team and a men’s team. Al and Sheldon to make some inquiries with the men.

9. Al made mention there was a Monsanto grant application that came in.

10. Terry got a quote on rebuilding our compressor – $9,870. Al asked Terry when the quote expired  – Terry to follow up and report back. After this season ends we will have 15,000 hours on the compressor – they recommend getting it rebuilt after 10,000 hours. Any money we make from hosting the Scotties will go towards getting this fixed immediately.

11. Terry also got a quote on replacing our rocks: to replace the insert would be $4,200 per sheet;  for new reconditioned rocks the cost would be $7,200 per sheet.

12. Adjournment.


Next meeting is Monday, January 10 @ 7 p.m.

Minutes recorded and submitted by secretary, Jennifer Derksen