Monday, January 17, 2011  

Present: Al, Kim, Lonnie, Judge, Nancy, Angela, Sheldon, Irene, Ang, Terry, Jenn.

1. Nancy reported we have $18,000 in chequing – we are similar to last year. We have $3,074 in our “compressor” fund. Our loan is just under $95,000 and our loan through the town has less than a year left before that loan is paid off. We received our yearly grants from the R.M. of Rhineland, $750 and Friesens, $500. We received $972 from the Town of Altona for our share of summer rentals.

2. All of our 200 Club tickets have been sold and all the money has been collected, with the exception of $10 that went “missing” from Terry’s office. The first draw of 200 Club winners were made at the ladies bonspiel. Winners were: Danny Stoesz, $100; Wendy Friesen, $100; and Edgar Loeppky, $250.

3. Terry reported we will be receiving a CR on our next Cimco bill – this should not be applied to the Scotties.

4. Ladies bonspiel report, submitted by Judge Wood:

We had sixteen teams enter.

Prizes – Al distributed letters to various businesses to canvas for prizes, Ang Apperley and Tim Fast collected the prizes and Irene Janz put the baskets together for the auction.

Meal – Terry put together a great menu including terriaki chicken, rice, mandarin salad, garlic bread. I was lucky enough to work the bar at that time and can say it was a fantastic meal, well done! I heard positive reviews from various curlers.

Bartending – We started with a sign up sheet for bartending but not enough people were signing up, so we drew skips names from the mens teams and assigned teams to work two hour shifts. This worked out quite well and I suggest we use this method for future bonspiels.

Advertising – Jenn made the poster for the bonspiel, great job!

Thanks to everyone who helped!

5. We noted it should be made clear to all ACC members that the bonspiel registration fee for a junior team is half price of the regular entry fee.

6. Altona Men’s Bonspiel – will discuss more at next meeting. For now Jenn to do poster, Terry agreed to prepare the food and was going to ask Ruth to help out in the kitchen.

7. Ang Teichroeb gave a brief report on the survey that was done by the University with the Wednesday afternoon ladies on the topic of “Women’s Health” They completed a survey, were interviewed and were given cameras to take pictures. Curlers were given a fee to participate in the survey – all the ladies donated the money back to the club.

8. Altona Mixed Bonspiel – $120/ team, 80s theme. Al to look at booking a band.

9. Talked briefly about the potential profit for our club from the Scotties. Our compressor is first on the list but discussed how new curling rocks would be a lasting legacy.

10. Junior numbers are up to 28 this session that runs to Feb. 11. Wind-up will be Feb. 17. Still looking for some weekly volunteers. Sheldon reported they could use more medium and large sliders – 5 or 6 of each size. Most participants are using single grippers not the double grippers. Upcoming junior bonspiel is slated for Feb. 26.

11. New Business – we will be sending teams to the Dominion Curling Championship March 25-28. Need to list our rental fees on the website. Jenn to prepare a rough draft and go over with Terry and present at our next meeting.

12. Meeting adjourned.

Next meeting is Monday, February 14 @ 7 p.m.

Minutes recorded and submitted by secretary, Jennifer Derksen