Monday, February 14, 2011  

Present: Jake, Ang, Judge, Lonnie, Sheldon, Al, Angela, Jenn; Tim, Terry and Nancy.

Missing: Kim and Irene.

1. Nancy reported we just paid our lease to the Town of Altona. Currently we have $1,400 in chequing, $2,000 in savings and just over $3,000 in our “compressor” account. We are still waiting for the 2nd half of the junior registrations to be paid, yearly sponsorships, and roughly $2,000 in rental income. The Curling Club donated the red scarves the flag bearers wore at the Scotties, at a cost of $280.

2. Al to talk to Ron Epp about putting the hydro/water meter at zero at the start and end of our lease period to get an accurate reading on our utility bills for the curling club.

3. Junior bonspiel set for Saturday, Feb. 26. Prizes will be the leftover toques and mitts from the Scotties and 2 curling brooms donated by D3 Excavating. Sheldon sent out posters and has 4 Winkler teams registered so far.

4. Al has booked the band for the mixed bonspiel.

5. Club wind-up will be on Thursday, March 24, with final games taking place that evening. Final 200 Club draws will be made. Al to send a mass email to all members to inform them of the date.

6. There was much discussion on what to do with any potential money coming to the club from the 2011 Scotties.

• Jake Bergen made a motion to apply to the CAP by March 15 and to other available grants to assist in the cost of our ice plant repairs and possibly for a new dishwasher. Sheldon Zacharias seconded the motion. Carried.

• Angela Apperley made a motion for our president, Al Friesen to write a letter of intent to all curling club members to rank some of the projects (by or before playoffs) that we might want to pursue with any potential money coming from the Scotties to the curling club. Judge Wood seconded the motion. Carried.

7. New Business – Monday afternoon curling is open to men and women of all ages. Drop in fee is $5 – teams are made up. Spread the word through our members to help increase the numbers.

8. Meeting adjourned.

Next meeting is Monday, March 14, 2011 @ 7 p.m.

Minutes recorded and submitted by secretary, Jennifer Derksen