Monday, March 14, 2011  

Present: Kim Klassen, Angela Apperley, Ang Teichroeb, Lonnie Stoesz, Al Friesen, Jennifer Derksen and Terry Peters.

Missing: Sheldon Zacharias, Judge Wood, Irene Janz; Tim Fast and Nancy Friesen.

Nancy was unable to attend but reported via email that we have $385 in chequing; $1,987 in savings and our compressor savings is $3,074. Outstanding A/R is $2,626. We received the second half of the junior fees from the town. Bills are all paid to date. Payables due till November, 2011 are: wages, $2,916; loans, $12,250; lease, $7,800; 200 Club, $1,600; plus all regular bills to come.

1. Our junior curling bonspiel was a success. We had 12 teams and made $250 from the silent auction.

2. Men’s Bonspiel Report – 2011: we had 20 teams participating this year – up from 16 last year. The spiel was on the long weekend – don’t know if that hurt us for entries or not. Entry fee was reduced to $80/team plus $20 for the “Blind Calcutta”. Picked random ladies teams to bartend one-4 hour shift over the weekend – posted the schedule in the ladies locker room a week before – Ang T. also followed up with a phone call to each skip as to which shift their team was responsible for. Note for next year: the teams of Laura Dueck, Sherry Seibel and Irene Janz were not assigned any shifts this year. Jenn made posters and Terry posted all over town and followed up with businesses to encourage more teams. Served nachos and cheese on Friday night to curlers. Ruth helped out in the kitchen over the weekend – it was very busy all 3 days – ran out of burgers/buns on Sunday – this was partly due to a bush league tournament taking place in the arena. Terry made roast, sausage and baked potatoes for supper and we ordered in 2 pans of dessert from Carolyn. Had 4 ladies helping out with serving and clean-up after. 200 club winners, drawn by Al on Saturday night were: Brad Gustafson, Langdon, $100; Patty Dick, Altona, $100; Hilda Klassen, Altona, $250. Event winner was Chris Driedger’s team from Winkler.

3. Terry reported we still have a few bookings from now until April 15 with a few requests for May and October events that require a liquor license. Terry to review with Ron from the Town. Taste of South of Africa is slated for Saturday, April 2.

4. So far we have 25 teams registered for the mixed bonspiel. Terry to make the draw Wednesday. Ruth to help out in the kitchen.

5. Final Scotties numbers will be announced on March 21.

6. We will know before April 15 whether our CAPS grant application was approved for the compressor.

7. Club wind-up will be held Thursday, March 24. Final 50/50 draws will be made. It was decided to set up a donation jar for the “appetizers” Terry serves us – we felt there is no need for them to be free every year.

8. New business: Al to approach Glen Robinson to build an enclosed cabinet by the coffee maker for additional storage. Angela A. to take pictures of club champs at wind-up, Ang T. to buy frames for pictures and present them to the winning teams. Al to attend a Curl MB meeting about the move to a participant fee as opposed to a per sheet basis – Al to report at next meeting and will ask Nancy for a member list.

9. Meeting adjourned.

Next meeting & clean-up – Monday, April 18 – 7 p.m.

Minutes recorded and submitted by secretary, Jennifer Derksen