Monday, April 18, 2011  

Present: Angela Apperly, Sheldon Zacharias, Judge Wood, Irene Janz, Kim Klassen, Lonny Stoesz, Ang Teichroeb, Al Friesen and Jennifer Derksen. Nancy Friesen and Terry Peters.

Missing: Jake Bergen. Tim Fast.

Judge Wood made the following motion via email on March 30 that we are including in this month’s minutes. Be it resolved that the Altona Curling Club proceed with the purchase of rock inserts in the summer of 2011, with potential funding supplied by an application to the Manitoba Curling Development Fund for $5,000, Altona Community Foundation, $4,000, a $100 per rock campaign, and remaining approx. $8,000 from the 2011 Scotties Tournament of Hearts legacy fund. Angela Apperly seconded. Carried.

1. We received a bill of $1,189 from Cimco for the mixed bonspiel repair. We feel the bill is a bit high. Al to make contact with Cimco for discussion of said bill. Currently we are waiting to see if our CAPS grant application is accepted before we proceed with any compressor repairs. We have also asked for a quote on a new compressor if the rebuilding of the compressor becomes more than the quote we received by Cimco.

2. Ashern has made contact with our club and has expressed interest in buying 16 of our junior rocks. We felt $900 was a fair price and they pick up (no delivery).

3. Randy Dutiame was scheduled to come out and give a sales presentation for our rock inserts, but unfortunately was unable to attend. Currently we are waiting to see if any of our grant applications are accepted before we proceed. Al reported that we have 64 sponsorships sold for new rock handles @ $100/handle.

4. Ang Teichroeb to coordinate the building of an enclosed cabinet by the coffee maker with Glen Robinson for additional storage. This project will be paid in part from the Wednesday afternoon ladies “coffee” money they donate yearly back to the club.

5. Elvera Harder had donated a quilt to our club that we will raffle off during the 2011-2012 season.

6. The Queen of Hearts painting by Katherine Jack and signed by Cathy O will be displayed upstairs in the club next season.

7. Terry has received a quote of $10,000 for a new corner dishwasher and $5,000 for an under counter model, any electrical or plumbing cost would be additional expenses. Terry had someone express interest in purchasing our current dishwasher. The corner unit would involve some kitchen rearranging but long term would meet more of the needs of our club. We are waiting to hear back from other grant applications before we proceed.

8. Janice Wiebe to help Terry with business sponsorship letters for 3-year renewals on board signage and selling additional banners before the start of next season.

9. Our current lease is up on our website. Al reported that Wendy Friesen would explore the options of using the same provider we used for the Scotties web page.

10. Nancy reported that we were still waiting for some bills from Taste of Africa but can expect an approx. $1,100 profit – this money will go into our “compressor” fund, bringing the total to $4,100. Nancy reported we have $3,850 in chequing; $286 in savings; bar and fish fry accounts, $9,800. With loans, and lease payments from now until the start of next season we can expect a deficit of approx. -$3,000. If it becomes a necessity we will dip into our Scotties money to avoid a deficit. Nancy will bring the AED unit to the golf course as part of our shared agreement with them. Nancy will also cancel Shaw until next season.

11. Sheldon Zacharias made a motion that we get quotes from Prairie Sky Promotions and Marilyn’s Embroidery for club jackets for all members before the start of next season. Irene Janz seconded. Carried.



12. Sheldon will hold a registration night for junior curlers in early October, and at this time they can be fitted for their club jackets. There was much discussion on why or if we need the Town of Altona handling our junior curling registration, as they keep a portion of the registration money. Do they do it for liability issues because they are the insurance carrier? For the next season we might phase out their involvement in the registration process – Sheldon and Ang to coordinate. It was also discussed whether to change the days of junior curling – possibly to Saturday. Much of this will depend on how many men’s and ladies teams register for next season.

13. Sheldon Zacharias made a motion we increase the age restriction for junior curlers to age 15, Grade 9. Judge Wood seconded. Carried.

14. General discussions about how to promote our club better via advertising, Facebook, our website, etc. A suggestion box was an idea that will be implemented next season.

15. Al said he would serve as past president for the 2011-2012 season. Kim said she would also serve an additional year to her term for the 2011-2012 season. The rest of the executives terms are up with the exception of Lonnie and Sheldon.

16. Meeting adjourned.

Thanks to everyone for a great season!

Minutes recorded and submitted by secretary, Jennifer Derksen