ANNUAL MEETING – Monday, October 17, 2011


Meeting began at 7:30 with 25 members in attendance

Al Friesen welcomed those attending, and presented the following President’s Report……

PRESIDENT’S REPORT   — Team registrations were overall up from the previous year….Bonspiel entries were also similar to 2010, with the mixed bonspiel generating the most revenue. The year end Compressor repair bill will climb to over 17 T dollars due to unexpected damage incurred at the end of the year.  Rocks are also expected to arrive in time for the curling season.  These were funded in part by the Scotties Legacy fund, Manitoba Curling Development Fund, Altona Community Foundation, and 6400 dollars donated by curlers, business and friends of curling. Executive carried through on better communication with members and aim to continue that in 2011..Curl Manitoba is requiring more detailed registration information in keeping with directives from Sport Manitoba, and the CCA..  Lots of excitement in the year ahead with a Mixed League, Junior League, and Funspiel planned

A huge thanks to all of you, who helped at curling bonspiels, ice painting, 200 club ticket sales, kitchen duty, junior curling instruction, and the monthly fish fries….Your contribution was key in ensuring the financial viability of this facility……

A special thanks to outgoing executive members Ang Apperley, and Jenn Derksen…..whose commitment and dependability were a huge asset to our executive team…….Jenn has indicated that she would be available to assist with our posters, and Ang is taking registration here tonight, so thanks for continuing to allow our club the benefit of your skills….

Terry Peters has been hired as club manager/ice maker for the upcoming season.

FINANCIAL – as per Wendy Friesen (attached)

Balance Sheet

Cash on hand increased $8,787

Receivables increased $4,924, includes balance of Fish Fry proceeds from last year $6,,174

Curling equipment on hand increased $2,449

Plant & Eqiupment increased $1,519.  Ask Terry about this, it was paid to Greg Esasko

Long Term Debt decreased $18,000

Income Statement

Memberships increased $2,361 to last year

Net bonspiel loss this year $804.  Does not include bar or canteen sales

Fish Fry fundraiser increased $1,462 to last year

The Taste of was down $700 to last year

Scotties donation $29,360

Club lease is up $4,300 to last year

Lounge and canteen revenue are down $9,500 to last year.

Net income $39,467.  Remove the scotties and that leaves $10,000 net income  That is $14000 down from last year.

The attached was moved, seconded and approved, with executive committed to an improved financial status in the coming year.

JUNIORS – Sheldon Zacharias — Interest up in 2010/11 with the resumption of a junior bonspiel.  Upcoming year will include Junior League, and club jackets made available for Juniors (and adults)


One year remaining – Jake Bergen, Irene Janz, Ang Teichroeb, Al Friesen

Term Completed, but willing to serve for another two year term – Lonnie Stoesz, Kim Klassen, Judge Wood, Sheldon Zacharias

Nominated from the floor – Mel Schroeder – One year term…..Vanessa Penner — Two year term….

No additional nominations received.




Funspiel – Nov 18th

Ladies – Jan 6 – 8

Mens – Feb 16 – 18

Junior – Mar 3rd

Mixed – Mar 16 – 18


Ladies – Judge, Al, Irene

Men’s – Kim, Mel, Irene? Vanessa?

Mixed – Lonnie, Kim, Ang?

Juniors – Sheldon (and others)


Mens – Wed – 10 teams, Thursday 10 Teams

Ladies – Tuesday 13 teams Wednesday?

Mixed – 4 teams

Juniors – 6 maybe 7


Monday, October 3, 2011

Present: Kimberly Klassen, Ang Teichroeb, Sheldon Zacharias, Lonnie Stoesz, Irene Janz, Al Friesen, Nancy Friesen and Judge Wood

Missing: Jake Bergen

1. Reviewed executive terms as follows:

Finished term: Ang Apperly, Jenn Derksen, Ang Teichroeb?

Continuing term: Irene Janz, Jake Bergen, Al Friesen, Sheldon Zacharias, Lonnie Stoesz, Judge Wood, Tim Fast

2. Nancy provided the annual income/expense statements for review. Income was up due to the Scotties, however the revenue from the lounge was significantly lower than previous years. It was discussed that there is room for improvement regarding the till in the lounge, thoughts regarding proper tracking of transactions was brought up.

3. Al reported that the new rocks were shipped mid July and should be arriving on the 28th of October just in time for the start of the season! Nancy will be accepting money for rock handles.

4. There was some discussion regarding the dishwasher which has cost us a fair bit in repair work and still isn’t fixed. Further discussion is needed to determine if the unit can actually be repaired properly or if a replacement is necessary.

5. Cimco was out Monday October 3rd to repair the compressor for the ice plant. Costs were much higher than anticipated. $17,800.00 OUCH!

6. Jake Bergen will once again be handling tickets for the 200 club

7. Wendy explored alternate hosting sites for the website, but no suitable alternative has been found at this point. There was some discussion about hosting the website using WordPress or some other free platform. More investigation is required.

8. Sheldon provided an overview of the junior curling program which will be held Thursdays starting November 3rd and will be comprised of three sessions during the season. Level one will be for curlers ages 6-9 and level two will be for curlers ages 10-13. Registration will once again be handled by the rec office.

9. Sheldon presented the new junior league which will be held Fridays from 4:30 to 6:30 and is geared towards curlers from the junior program who will now have the opportunity to practice what they have learned from their Thursday sessions. It is open to all curlers ages 16 and under and will be $20.00 per curler.

10. SHeldon presented information regarding jackets for club members. Jacket fitting and ordering will take place on registration night. The jackets are black and red and are made by Stormtech. They will have the Altona Curling Club logo embroidered on the front, with the option of having your name on the back of the jacket. As well there was discussion of incorporating the town of altona logo/name on the sleeve of the jacket. Sheldon will look into using the Scotties version of the ACC logo.

11. There was discussion regarding new brooms for the junior program. Sheldon will contact Tim Hortons as they have provided brooms to other curling clubs in the past.

12. Judge presented a poster for advertising the annual meeting/registration night and will distribute to local businesses.

13. The following start dates have been chosen for the leagues:

a. Ladies – Nov 1st

b. Mens – Nov 2nd/Nov 3rd

c. Junior Program – Nov 3rd

d. Junior League – Nov 4th

e. Family – Nov 4th

f. Mixed – Nov 7th

14. The following dates have been chosen for the bonspiels

Funspiel – Nov 19th

Ladies Bonspiel – Jan 6th, 7th and 8th

Mens Bonspiel – Feb 17th, 18th and 19th

Mixed Bonspiel – Mar 16th, 17th and 18th

Junior Bonspiel – Feb 25th

15. The executive has proposed to host a funspiel November 19th which will run from 9 AM to 6 PM. Will discuss further at the next meeting.

16. This season mixed curling will be offered on Monday evenings at 7 PM. Curlers will be charged $50.00 each.

17. Judge has created a Facebook page for the club which will provide updates regarding league draws, bonspiels, registration info, etc. Will need to look at linking to the club website.

18. Tara Funke-Friese has volunteered to be in charge of a team of the week campaign for the club and will post team pictures weekly on the bulletin board.

19. Ang Teichroeb has suggested a possible raffle fundraiser for Paul Brandt tickets. Ang will report back at the next meeting.

20. Ang Teichroeb is waiting on quotes for the new cupboard for the lounge.

21. The annual meeting/registration will take place Monday October 17th at 7PM.

22. Meeting adjourned

Next meeting is Monday, October 17th @ whenever registration/jacket fitting is finished!

Minutes recorded and submitted by Judge Wood