Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Present: Kim Klassen, Irene Janz, Vanessa Penner, Terry Peters, Sheldon Zacharias, Judge Wood, Nancy Friesen, Al Friesen, Mel Schroeder

Absent: Lonnie Stoesz, Jake Bergen

1. October 3 minutes were reviewed. Judge moved for their approval. Sheldon seconded. Carried.

2. New invoices were reviewed. They are as follows:

-new blade $1344.00

-paint + installation $1027.61

-compressor $18,193.28

-initial compressor breakdown $843.91

– new rock inserts $22,463.53 (revised from $22,658.47 since meeting)

Nancy moved to pay the bills. Kim seconded. Carried.

3. It was decided that the club will change the mailing address from the town post office to a community mail box. This will avoid the occurrence of an annual fee.

4. Terry will be putting the logos in the ice on the weekend. (Nov 20) This may result in the cancellation of a small number of practices.

5. It was decided that signs will be put up to deter unaccompanied children from using the facility inappropriately.

6. We have changed the method of mix dispersal in the bar. Instead of using cans for drink mix, we will now be using 2 liter bottles. This is clearly much more economical.

7. Bonspiels dates and people in charge are as follows:

Funspiel: Nov. 19/11 – Al, Judge

Junior: Date unknown – Sheldon

Ladies: Jan 6-8/12 – Judge, Al

Mens: Feb. 16-18/12 – Mel, Kim

Mixed: Mar. 16-18/12 – Lonnie, Vanessa, Kim, Mel

8. Funspiel overview: 7 teams so far. $50/team. Judge will be in charge of the welcome letter and curling rules. 3 Pizza Haven gift baskets will be the prizes.

9. It was decided that Ang should get more quotes for the cabinet in the lounge area, as the quote she got was quite high.

10. Terry will be removing the red strip at the end of the ice due to safety concerns.

11. Meeting adjourned

Next meeting December 12/11 @ 12:00pm