Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Present: Nancy Friesen, Ang Teichroeb, Kim Klassen, Lonnie Stoesz, Al Friesen, Judge Wood, Irene Janz, Mel Schroeder, Vanessa Penner, Terry Peters

Absent: Jake Bergen, Sheldon Zacharias

1. Financial report- Nancy: We have received our grant cheques: $4000.00 from Community Foundation and $3500.00 from Curl Manitoba. We are covered under the town’s policy for the transformer break down and we expect to make a claim. Invoice for the logos is $2676.00. Total $4200.00 in bills, we have $9693.00 in chequing, $2300.00 in savings.

2. The new mailing address for the club is: 227C 10th Ave NW, Altona, R0G 0B1

3. 200 club: 43% of tickets have been returned. The first draw will be at ladies bonspiel.

4. Rock handles: Approximately 50% of money is in.

5. Ladies bonspiel: Barbie theme. Irene will set up the prizes, Al will write a donation letter for businesses, Lonnie will pick up prizes. We will have the same meal as last year. Bartenders will be assigned from men’s teams. Judge will handle the sign-up sheet. Sign up in Terry’s office or email.

6. Men’s bonspiel. Nothing to report

7. Mixed. Band is booked.(Carrie Kehler’s)

8. Jr. Curling: going an extra week due to transformer break down.

9. Taste of Chile: food is booked, MLCC is booked. $65/ person on January 21, 2012. Serving group is booked.

10. Potential Capital expenses: We will be having a bingo in January to raise money for the $2500 transformer bill.

11. Team of the week: going well

12. Haven’t heard back from Jenn on Welcome poster.

13. New business: Nancy reported Dominion Curling is wondering if we want to send a team to regionals and provincials. Nancy will bring it up at ladies night; Al at men’s to see if there is any interest from the curlers.

14. Report will be made for the funspeil

15. Vanessa suggested to generate a bit more cash; we can make an announcement at Maroons games that coincide with curling nights, that hockey fans are welcome at the curling club for a drink.

16. Terry reported that alarm is not installed yet, wondering if another phone line is necessary since it will incur added year round cost. We will add the lost bar sales from the week off to the total of the transformer bill.

17. Dec rentals: less banquets this year.

18. Meeting adjournment

Next meeting January 3, 2012 at 12:00pm