January 3, 2012

Attending: Al Friesen, Irene Janz, Vanessa Penner, Mel Schroeder, Terry Peters, Kim Klassen

Absent: Judge Wood, Lonnie Stoesz, Nancy Friesen, Ang Teichroeb, Sheldon Zacharias, Jake Bergen

1. Financial: All bills are paid, some outstanding transformer bills. $13,000 in chequing.

2. Ladies Bonspiel: Will use meal vouchers, will have free wine with dinner. Irene will put on a skit. 18 teams so far. Rainbow auction draw will be Saturday night after last draw, Ang will sell tickets.

3. Men’s Bonspeil: Karen will make posters.

4. Mixed Bonspeil: nothing to report

5. Transformer update: No bill yet. It appears we will have enough of a claim to make one under the town policy

6. Bingo: We will host a bingo early next quarter: April, May or June.

7. Manager Report: Having an alarm system put in, will be using current number, so no additional expense. Rentals are down for business gatherings.

8. Al will put in an application to community foundation for new projector and audio equipment

9. Taste of Chile: about half tickets sold.

10. Canadian curling association: Al will be putting in an application for CAPS program