February 10, 2012

Present: Irene, Nancy, Ang, Sheldon, Judge, Mel, Kim, Al

Absent: Vanessa, Lonnie, Jake, Terry

1. Ladies bonspiel review: $635 was made on rainbow auction. Welcome letter was forgotten. Oops. Door prizes worked out well. Possibly have karaoke next year. Possible theme for next year: gowns and grad/wedding dresses. It was suggested to have muffins with the coffee in the mornings.

2. Curlers/non curlers: All teams that left the Ladies bonspiel were contacted in regards to the Saturday night incident. Mostly positive response. A policy will be put into place that will be outlined in the welcome letter.

3. Men’s bonspiel: Mel will do registration. Bartending schedule is up, volunteers are in place for serving supper.

4. Junior bonspiel: Will be on March 3. Sheldon will work on an evening meal(spaghetti) with Terry . Sheldon will also have a welcome letter.

5. Junior league: 3weeks left. Talk of moving it to Mondays and having teams for the older age kids(10+). Have 1 coach per team. Practice on Thursdays. Include them in awards ceremony at the end of the year.

6. Manager report: Compressor status: we are not happy.

7. Rentals: On track

8. Special Olympics: Not sure if they will be coming back

9. Taste of Chile: Went well, but a bit disappointed in amount of money made. Will review status for next year, and determine whether to increase ticket price, or not run the event.

10. Discussion on ringing the bell to start the draws. Discussion tabled to a future meeting.

11. Financial: Payable $662.00, Plan 24 $2007.00, Savings $7457.00. Loan is down to $84,000.00, completed heat recovery loan. AED machine has been updated. BDO bill for tax return was $900.00, but received a $900.00 rebate. Liquor license renewed every 3 years.