March 5, 2012

Present: Al, Nancy, Sheldon, Terry, Mel

Absent: Jake, Vanessa, Kim, Lonnie, Irene, Ang, Judge

1. Financial: Chequing $311.00,Plan 24 $2007.00, Savings $7457.00. Loan $83,400. Payables $2600.00. Deposit of $480.00.

2. Manager report: Someone from Cimco will come out to do the shut-down(March 26). A few rentals. Everything is going according to schedule.

3. CAPS grant: we were denied due to number of applications.

4. Men’s bonspiel report: encouraging amount of out-of-towners. We had 20 teams total. The lounge was busy, lots of good comments. It was suggested that underage curlers/fans not be allowed in the lounge after 10pm.

5. Junior bonspiel: 13 teams, went well. Meal went over well. $800 in entry fees, half goes to curlers for prizes. Cookies and brownies were donated by Carolyn Froese. Have more chips and chocolate bars available in the lounge next year.

6. Mixed bonspiel: going according to plan, a bit concerned about seating in the lounge depending on amount of registered teams. Will amend issues as they arise. As of Thursday, March 8, there were 21 teams registered.

7. Windup: March 22 all draws start at 7:00.

8. Bell: Should we reintroduce the bell to start the draws? Will be brought up at the windup, with decision made at annual meeting in fall.

9. Lounge discussion: Discussed if keeping better tabs in the bar would be beneficial. Came to the conclusion that if this past year’s numbers are in line with the previous year’s, we will discuss further.

10. New business: We NEED a new projector! Around $1500 for a good new HD. Will depend on funds at the end of the year.