Monday April 16, 2012

Present: Nancy, Judge, Lonnie, Vanessa, Sheldon, Al, Mel, Kim, Terry, Ang

Absent: Irene, Jake

1. Mixed Bonspiel/Windup: everything went well for bonspiel. Windup was well attended and everything went well. Game substitution during playoffs was discussed.

2. Jeri and Wendy Friesen have offered to donate a trophy for the Junior League. Sheldon will be looking into the details, with intent to present it in the off season.

3. Financial: We reviewed a comparative income statement comparing the 2010/11 season and the 2011/12 season. Also reviewed our balance sheet. ACC had a decent year in spite of significantly higher costs due to equipment malfunction.

4. Simco: $6500 for a fix of the compressor, or $27,000 for a new unit which would be more reliable and more efficient. Discussed how to obtain the $27,000 . Al offered to contact ACU and make a grant application to the Manitoba Curling Development Fund and Altona Community Foundation to determine the viability of investing in the $27,000 option.