October 30, 2012

Present: Lonnie, Al, Mel, Vanessa, Kim, Terri M, Viv, Keith, Judge, Sheldon, Nancy, Terry

Absent: Jake

1.Annual meeting minutes read.

2.Financial: Town has received payment of $10,000 that represents the 2011 contribution to the MEC reserve fund. This is always due at the end of the year. Made a deposit of $14,500. $13, 353 in chequing, $75 in savings. $700 in payables.

3.Coke has confirmed we are getting a drink dispenser. Date: TBA

4.Registrations: ladies: 13 teams, 7 subs; mens: 21 teams; junior: 10 teams; mixed: 5 teams

5.Junior: will start next week, first game on Nov 12. Timed games. Looking for 2 players to fill out 2 teams. 2 coaches are still needed. Wind up on March 9.


-Funspiel: Nov 17: Judge, Kim? Will ask Jenn Derksen to make poster

– Ladies: Jan 4-6:  Kim, Keith, Judge

-Men’s Feb 22-24: Mel, Al, Vanessa

-Mixed Mar 15-17: Lonnie, Viv, Terri

-Junior Jan 26: Sheldon

7.  Manager’s report: still having problems with the compressor. Sigh.

8. Tuesday ladies meal option: will bring it up at first ladies night to get feedback

9. Sub list: subs have to play lead, associate fee for subs waived unless they would like to be members.

10. We will be putting together a packet to go along with the schedule so people will know the “unwritten” rules. Will also include a welcome, sub rules, AED, draw times, sub list, quick play, thank you for volunteering, bonspiel dates, and windup date.

11. Bell: inconclusive

New business:

Mens bonspiel: No minors will be allowed upstairs, time determined by bonspiel committees. Subs cannot be female and vice versa for ladies bonspiel.

Opposite gender will be allowed upstairs during bonspiels.

Bar is open for Maroons fans during the week.

Teaching adults to curl: Al and Sheldon will instruct at 6:00pm for 3 weeks on Tuesdays for anyone who wants some instruction learning to curl. (starting November 13)

The Dominion: If a team is interested the club will pay for them to go. Cost is $125.00 per team.

Keith will modify the bartending instructions.

Next meeting December 3, 2012

Recorded and submitted by Melanie Schroeder

ANNUAL MEETING – Monday, October 16, 2012


Al welcomed everyone and thanked them for coming.

2011 minutes reviewed: Vic Klassen made the motion. Ang Teichroeb second. Carried.

President’s report: In the 2011-2012 season: entries are up, new rock inserts, humidifier issues. Would love to replace audio/video equipment. Irene Janz, Ang Teichroeb and Al Friesen’s terms are up. Vanessa will serve as incoming president.

Financial: Wendy reported: We are in a good cash position to start off the year. Spent just over $15,000 on rock inserts. $10,000 due to Town of Altona for repairs and maintenance. $4200 of income at end of the year. Received a donation from BDO to get tax returns done. Keith Stoesz made the motion to pass the report as read. Sherry Seibel second. Carried.

Registration: So far 16 mens teams, 11 ladies and 4 mixed.

Junior Curling Report: Sheldon reported that there are 48 kids in Junior program and 45 kids Grades 5-8. Combined the two programs for this year with games. Jackets were made available for the first time last year and will continue that this year. Bonspiel went well. Nine teams are registered for the 2012-2013 season. Jeri and Wendy have donated a trophy for the junior curling champions. Trophy was presented to last year’s champ: Mackenzie Zacharias, Hayley Bergman, Emily Zacharias and Payton Bergman.

Trophy case: Al briefly talked to Cory Voth to get a bid for a case.

Executive terms completed: Ang Teichroeb, Irene Janz, and Al Friesen.

One year remaining: Lonnie Stoesz, Judge Wood, Sheldon Zacharias, Melanie Schroeder, Kim Klassen, Jake Bergen, Vanessa Penner.

2012-2013 President: Vanessa Penner. Al Friesen will serve as past president.

New executive members: Nominated Terri McMillan, Viv Enns and Keith Stoesz. Vic Klassen made the motion. Nancy second. Carried.

Appointed: Nancy Friesen-Bookkeeper/Treasurer. Wendy Friesen- Accounting. Laura Dueck made the motion. Irene Janz second. Carried.

Confirmed: Terry Peter will be the Club manager for 2012-2013

New business:

-Pop situation for the canteen: the town has a contract with Coke for all of their buildings. Coke will be renewing said contract and installing a pop dispenser.

-Discussion of meal option for Tuesday ladies similar to that of Oakview.

-Subs during playoffs: Subs will need to play lead and must be a member of the curling club.

-Discussion on protocol of inviting subs to curl.

-Sherry Seibel inquired about the obligation of a past loan some of the members signed for a number of years ago. We will investigate.

Meeting adjourned

October 1, 2012

Present: Mel, Al, Sheldon, Irene, Kim, Terry, Judge, Lonnie, Jake, Vanessa

Absent: Nancy

1.Viv Enns and Keith Stoesz are coming aboard. Lonnie’s term is for 2 more years, Jake, Vanessa and Mel have 1 more year, Judge, Kim, and Sheldon are unclear, Irene, Ang and Al’s terms are done.

2.Wendy will handle financial, Jake the 500 club, Judge the Facebook page, and  Sheldon the Juniors.

3.$30,000ish for dehumidifier. Some of the money will come from the Altona Foundation.

4.Taste of Night will be a no-go this year. Profits were only around $300 last year.

5.Altona Community Foundation: Cheque was presented last Thursday $5000.00. Same from Curl Manitoba

6.November 6 will be the start of the season. First fish fry on the 7th.

7.Terry is still looking for an assistant

8.We have enough cash to get us into the beginning of the season. 2011-12 was decent, but not great.

9.Coke would like to install dispensers again. However, we are unsure it will work.

10.Junior: Split into 2 programs, Intro to curling Gr 1-3, then Junior curling Gr 4-12. Would like it held on Mondays.  Windups will be split up as well. Windup for older group one day bonspiel with trophy presented. Sheldon will be locating a trophy with a budget of approximately $300.00. Possible supplier may be Time Out Sports in Winkler.  Jackets will be available to order registration night.

11.Funspiel: November 17 possibly.

12.Ladies Bonspiel: Jan 4-6, 2013

13.Men’s Bonspiel: Feb 22-24

14.Mixed Bonspiel: March 15-17

15.Junior Bonspiel: March 2

16.Windup: March 21

17.Junior playoffs/windup: March 9

18.Registration night/annual meeting: October 16 7:00 pm Executive will meet at 6

19.Vanessa will be the incoming president with Al to mentor as past president.

20.Looking into signage in the entrance and a trophy case.

21.Judge will try to start a mixed league on Friday nights.

Recorded and submitted by Melanie Schroeder