January 14, 2013

Present: Melanie Schroeder, Terry Peters, Sheldon Zacharias, Lonnie Stoesz, Judge Wood, Nancy Friesen, Kim Klassen, Viv Enns, Terri McMillan, Vanessa Penner, Al Friesen

Absent: Jake Bergen, Keith Stoesz

1.Financial: Chequing-$8308.00, Savings- $30, 964.00, Payables-$2600.00. Friesen’s has donated $500.00.  It was discussed that in the event of a death in a club curler’s family, a card will be given instead of a donation. Lonnie motioned, Judge second.

2.Dominion: Discussion over who is eligible for Dominion. Decided that current club champ would be given the opportunity, runner-up if champ doesn’t want to go. Al made the motion. Vanessa second.

3.Ladies bonspiel:  Junior enrollment fee should be more. $50 right now. Regular cost is $100.  Overall went well $430 made in silent auction. 1st event winner: Irene Janz, 2nd event: Mackenzie Zacharias, 3A event: Wendy Friesen, 3B event: Kim Enns. Kim made a checklist for future bonspiel planning. Next year Ladies bonspiel will be a week later due to being so close to New Years.

4.Manager’s report: Monica from Ashern will be buying 2 sets of the junior rocks for $1000. Audio/visual- some adjustments are needed. Plant was rebuilt again on December 27.

5.We would like to advertise that we have new audio/visual equipment. Al will put something together to give to the Chamber to distribute. Also will be added to Facebook by Judge.

6.Jr curling: 25 kids in Intro this round, Jr league windup March 9, Intro windup February 21, 5 weeks left in league play. 7 teams registered for bonspiel on January 26.

7.Tuesday ladies: meals are going well. NO meal for this Tuesday, signup sheet needed the week before. Bartenders should come for 6 instead of 7 for more ease

8.Men’s bonspiel: Mel, Vanessa and Al will meet to organize

9.Bingo night: Special thanks to Vanessa Penner, Lonnie Stoesz, Al Friesen, Melanie Schroeder, Viv Enns, Anita Penner and Terri McMillan, who have volunteered to work the bingo night at McPhillips Street Station on February 3, 2013. Expected revenue generated for the club is $1000.00

10.Cabinet quote: painted oak plywood $850, stained and varnished $1350. Terri made the motion that we go ahead with the build. Al seconded.

11.Bartending responsibilities: MLCC liquor handling course: it has been suggested that more members should have the serving course.  Bartenders are not allowed to consume alcohol or serve shooters outside of the bar. Sign-in sheet needs to be monitored.  Cleaning responsibilities need to be reviewed by bartenders

12.Curl Manitoba event: there was discussion as to whether we would be interested in hosting a curl Manitoba event

13.Discussion as to whether we need to have and A side and a B side for Ladies night to have more evenly matched competition.

14.Al suggested we add an “About us” section on the website

15.Mixed league: Judge reported that it went well, maybe go into the new year

Next meeting: February 18, 2013 @5:00pm

P.S. Al Friesen sent a note after the meeting, that Glen Robinson has been appointed the new Town of Altona Curling Club liaison. He will be sent a copy of the monthly minutes.

Minutes recorded and submitted by Melanie Schroeder