March 11, 2013

PRESENT – Kim Klassen, Lonnie Stoesz, Sheldon Zacharias, Keith Stoesz, Nancy Friesen, Terry Peters, Al Friesen, Judge Wood, Teri McMillan, Vanessa Penner

ABSENT – Jake Bergen

“LATER” – Melanie Schroeder, Viv Enns

Welcome to Altona Town council Rep – Glen Robinson —

Agenda as presented by Vanessa

Nancy – Financial — Chequing – 2800.00

Savings –  9582.00

Junior final money numbers will be confirmed by Sheldon

200 Club will wrap up during the Mixed Bonspiel and Club Championship

Club Manager report – Terry

–  proposed changing the on ice lights — will check out costs before

proceeding…..initial plan would be 28 LED bulbs with potential costs of

500.00….LED lights would have a 20 year life span…Town of altona will also

be consulted for potential role

– Cimco will come at year end to “again” work on compressor – all work so far is

Warranty related….

– Projector has been fixed and is operating properly

– Lounge / TV sponsorship discussed — 55 inch TV mounted over the bar, to

include Draw and Website information, could be updated from off-site,

pictures and club history could also be included…..Terry has been in

contact with a potential sponsor

Junior Curling – Sheldon

Playoffs are underway — finals planned for March 21st (along with Trophy)

Initial indications are that all curlers would return in 2013/14

May have two seeded groups next year…..

T-shirt to be provided to curlers next year, cost absorbed by potential sponsor

and registrants…(cost approx 10.00)

Registration/info handout to be prepared for fall 2013

Mixed Bonspiel – Lonnie

sub-committee to meet after meeting

16 teams so far (now up to 19)

bartenders are all in place

Mountain City to perform Saturday night

Terry has sorted out menu (Lonnie and one more to assist with meal)

Dominion Curling –

Laura Dueck and Alex Wahl teams represented the club in Swan Lake for the

regionals….a positive experience, although major ice issues…..only 4 womens

and 6 mens teams participated… we want to host in 2014?

Wind Up

Planned for March 21st — Terry to provide “some” appetizers for fans, players

We will need to send out an overall email to members (and a curling club

Facebook invitation)

Tardy member payments — reviewed at some length — decision to prepare official letter

or motion for fall meeting which would state that players that did not pay by a

specified date would be deemed to be “not” registered, and team’s wins would

not count…..consensus was that “non-payment” was not fair to those who did pay

Trophy Case — al has contacted Cory Voth….general discussion involved interest in a

unit similar to that of Red River Insurance….and to look at obtaining a major

sponsor to offset the costs

Al has corresponded with Curl Manitoba re our willingness to host another significant provincial event.

Final meeting

Planned for end on month or after early April event…..Al to confirm with Terry