April 15, 2013

Present: Kim Klassen, Keith Stoesz, Viv Enns, Sheldon Zacharias, Judge Wood, Nancy Friesen, Al Friesen, Lonnie Stoesz, Terri McMillan, Terry Peters

Absent: Vanessa Penner, Jake Bergen

1.Supper was delicious. Lonnie second. Carried.

2.Manager’s report: Compressor people are coming back to work on it. Dehumidifier works excellent.  Good feedback on new AV equipment. Purchased some new bulbs to be installed by the town.

3.Mixed bonspiel: 20 teams entered. 2 junior teams(charged $60) Small hiccup with silent auction, redrew numbers until winner is found. Suggested not to do that again. Auction made $460. Band was well received. Overall went well.

4.Financial:$1,500 in Chequing, $3,600 in Savings,$6,100 in loan payments. Still waiting for cheque from bingo

5.Mixed: Well received, hoping for higher enrollment for next year.

6.Junior: good season, Gr 1-4 program was kept the same. Junior league: 10 teams, went well, hoping for more teams next year.  Potential to change up the practice schedule.

7.Tuesday meals: will try again for next year

8.Discussed how can we fit new advertisers in

9.Discussion on how we could get in a rotation to hold more tournaments.(ie: Regionals, Dominion, etc.)

10.Derek Wahl has volunteered to serve on executive next year. Kim Klassen, Judge Wood, Al Friesen and Melanie Schroeder’s terms are up. Viv Enns has resigned due to needing to relocate for her job.

11.Lonnie moved for adjournment. Terry McMillan second. Carried.

12.Next meeting September 23, 2013 @6:00pm

Minutes recorded and submitted by Melanie Schroeder