September 23, 2013

Present: Vanessa Penner, Kim Klassen, Al Friesen, Nancy Friesen, Terri McMillan, Lonnie Stoesz, Sheldon Zacharias, Derek Wahl, Melanie Schroeder, Keith Stoesz

Absent: Judge Wood, Terry Peters, Jake Bergen

1.Financial: Chequing: $1888.00, Savings: $5364.00, $2789.00 is left on Cimco bill. $3092 estimated for start of season.

2.Manager’s report(via Al and Vanessa): There are still issues with the old plant.  Terry’s opinion was to pay to get the old plant working and start saving to purchase a new one. He is working on sponsorships for the next year. Looking for volunteers on Oct 14 to change the bulbs over the ice (ice will not be in place at that time). Confirmed to be manager for the 2013-14 season.

3.Registration and annual meeting date: October 15/13 7:00pm. Executive will meet at 6:00. Would like to advertise this info on the town sign through the Chamber.  Junior registration starts at 5:00pm. Sheldon will take registration for the juniors, Keith+ Derek for men’s, Kim + Terri for women’s. $200/per full time member, associate member $40. Junior $90, $75 for junior’s (<18 yrs) in the adult league. Derek suggested he do ice prep for high school teams on the mornings they practice so Terry wouldn’t have to come in. Derek will look into costs for high school teams to curl in our club.

4.Juniors: windup is set for Feb 13. Discussed some changes for the practice schedule, TBD.  Looking for volunteers to coach/guide teams. Same jackets as in past.

5.Al talked to Cole from Curl Manitoba about the possibility of hosting a mixed provincial event (March 20-23).  We would be excited to host such an event, but somewhat reluctant due to lack of hotel occupancy. Al will contact Cole with a list of our concerns.

6.Bonspiel dates: Funspiel: Nov 23/13, Ladies: Jan 10-12/14, Junior: Jan 25, Men’s: Feb 21-23/14, Mixed: Mar 14-16/14.

7.Fish Fry: First fish fry will be on November 6, 2013. The price will increase to $15.00/adult, $7.50/ kids.  Alcoholic beverages will increase to $4.00(beer/shots). Keith made the motion for the increase, Terri second.  Passed.

8.200 Club: As Jake was absent, we are assuming it’s under control. Jake will be contacted to confirm.

9.Terry Peters is confirmed as club manager for the 2013-14 season. Nancy Friesen will be resigning as bookkeeper/treasurer. Wendy will be taking on the position as well as continue with accounting.  Motion by Sheldon Zacharias, second by Keith Stoesz to appoint Wendy Friesen as bookkeeper with current president having signing authority and requiring two signatures on cheques. Carried.

10.There was a discussion reviewing Terry’s duties and the possibility of making a job description with contract.

11.Completed Executive terms:

Kim Klassen

Judge Wood

Melanie Schroeder

Viv Enns(relocated)

Continuing Executive terms:

Lonnie Stoesz will serve another year

Keith Stoesz(1 year left)

Sheldon Zacharias(1 year left)

Incoming member:

Derek Wahl

Minutes recorded and submitted by Melanie Schroeder