April 21, 2014

Meeting began at 7:05 —

Present – Vanessa Penner, Keith Stoesz, Colin Sawatzky, Al Friesen, Derek Wahl, Sheldon Zacharias, and club manager Terry Peters

Absent – Lonnie S, Terry Mc, Kristen O, Jake B,

NEXT MEETING – Sept 15th at 7pm


Financial Update as prepared by Wendy Friesen – and presented by Vanessa — highlights —

Long term debt down to 62T dollars

Membership revenue down –  down 6000 due to fewer teams

Club and Ice Rentals down – 1000 dollars

Fish Fry revenue up considerably

Junior Curling revenue up (Wendy is following up)

Some outstanding sponsor revenue from Provincial Mixed still to come

9100 dollar proceeds from Provincial Mixed will be set aside for plant replacement

Current balance of 37,700 will need to cover lease payment, loans @ ACU,

Approx 12,000 dollars for the start of 2014 season….(not including the cost of the rug installation)

Manager’s Report – Terry – Final rental is this Thursday (Altona Chamber of Commerce) — still needs to sort out Ruth salary/etc with Wendy….remaining liquor stock will be “traded” with the Oakview Golf Club …..The town of Altona will take over the facility next week….Carpet replacement will need to occur before start of next season, and was dealt with in a separate motion

Carpet Replacement — Executive approved the following — Be it moved that the Altona Curling Club purchase and install all rug in the ice surface area prior to the start of the 2014 season, as recommended by Manager Terry Peters in consultation with Sun Valley Coop…..Moved – Keith Stoesz……2nded Derek Wahl…..Carried

It was also agreed to promote a work day this Saturday for Altona curling club members, to tackle removing of old carpet……some 20 members will be needed to make real progress.

Mixed Bonspiel Report – Al – as per listed at the bottom of the minutes – additional discussion related on how to increase entries from current 19 teams, in light of some participants no longer curling, and seemingly increased winter traveling….also agreed to continue practice of alternate male and female curlers (including junior curlers)

Jr. Report – Sheldon has completed his term as junior curling coordinator and has loaded all of his files/etc in the drop box…..he is available as a resource, and will be there as a parent, but due to time commitments of Junior team is no longer able to serve as coordinator…..is recommending that the duties be divided amoung three people  — Intro to curling, Junior League, and have Junior Spiel handled by the executive

Chicken Chef Provincial Mixed – Al/Keith — Lots of positive comments — over 9100 dollars raised for the Ice plant replacement fund — (Wendy will place in a term deposit) — approx 100 volunteers contributed to hosting the event (note from Sheldon — the Zacharias team had a very positive experience as volunteers)

Windup Report – Vanessa – Good turnout, Food well received, most winners were represented, and request was made from a member re Echo coverage…..Al will send supplied photos to Don Radford at the Echo, and will include all of the names as well….

New Business:

Altona Community Foundation Grant Application  – Al will complete and submit by the end of the month

Dekalb Superspiel of Morris is potentially requesting ice for Nov 21st — There was reluctance to commit to something that could impact a LOCAL ice rental — ie Christmas banquet, Fun Spiel or Pub Night,…It was decided “NO” for now, but to let them know that they should contact us closer to the date if ice is still needed (Al Friesen to contact Lorne Hamblin)

Rhineland Car Drive a Ford event has selected ACC as it’s charity of choice — we have potential of 6000 dollars (if 300 people test drive) — this to be held at community exposition in September

Sponsor Sign policy — Request from Cliff Graydon re the posting of a 6 x 10 foot sign (supplied) for a potential 5 year period — Discussion included potential problem with Lease agreement with the town of Altona, where to post, and how to incorporate a sign into existing signs and desire to paint permanent sports figures on “Brick wall”– Al to advise Cliff of decision

Sports figures on ice surface — Lots of positive response to “Vanessa’s” Olympic type sports figures posted during the Mixed Bonspiel — Can we do something more permanent? Derek Wahl will check out possibilities with Jill Ferris….Al to review with Glen R (Town of Altona)

UPCOMING DATES — 2014 Funspiel – Nov 15th — Entry Fee – 40.00

Junior curling will need to start 6 weeks prior to Christmas

2015 Provincial Senior Men’s Championship – Feb 19 – 25 –

Length of Terms also discussed……Is a two year term really practical — Three year executive terms are more in use in other board situations — it also cuts down on the amount of turnover



19 Teams participated in the annual Altona Mixed Bonspiel held March 14 – 16…..Terry again employed the 6 end Friday format which allowed us to require only 2 draws on Sunday (10 and 1)


The Olympics were chosen as the theme for the bonspiel — flags were borrowed from SC Regional Connections, and Vanessa (and Chris) did a great job of decorating the lounge…including Flags, Olympic Rings, “Torches” on the tables, and sports figure silhouettes…..Teams were assigned countries for the costume contest….Team Germany, Brad and Laura, Jeff and Grace were the overall winners with the Jamaican bobsled team – Kim and Gary, Jim and Vicky finishing a very close 2nd….winners awarded a free drink at the bar

The loonie/hogged rock event went quite well — with Vicky Kehler the winner of 12.00 prize (50% of proceeds)

A “double” trophy was implemented for the double contest with gift certificates from Subway and the Ice Cream Hut as prizes


The rainbow auction went quite well – although (we) should have done some additional selling on Friday. We also found that we were “double dipping” a bit with the Provincial Mixed seeking sponsors as well…proceeds approx 300.00

MUSIC – limited music on Friday……Rusty Nail was well received on Saturday, lots of well known music, expertly performed, some band members also sat with the curlers during the breaks,,,,,nice touch….Cost 1125.00

FOOD – Lots of traffic at Saturday’s lunch, and Sunday’s lunch, with a fair number of items running out (no chicken on Sunday)…Ruth and volunteers did a fine job of keeping up, and ensuring curlers were served in a prompt manner…..Saturday’s banquet was first rate with Terry providing the following menu






Sweet and sour chicken

Pork tenderloin w/black bean sauce

Baked mushroom rice

Mandarin orange salad

ICE  —

Additional signs were posted re debris/walkways/etc…..It seems like we made progress….


REGISTRATION – Al, Derek Wahl, Lonnie


Friday –   6 – 10 —   Danny and Anita Penner

10 – close – Vanessa Penner

Saturday   9 – 1  —   Lonnie and Jodi Bennet

1 – 4  —   Jeri and Wendy Friesen

4 – 7  —   Glen and Tan Robinson and Delores Loewen

7 – 10 —   Melissa Giesbrecht and Jennifer Giesbrecht

10 – close – Deandra S/Warren K (Paid)

Sunday –  10 – 1 — Rick Schroeder, Lonnie Stoesz, Al Frisen

1 – 4 — Al Friesen


Marlin Bergen – banquet serving and cleanup

PICTURES – submitted to the Red River Valley Echo, ACC website, and facebook

WELCOME LETTER (draft below — letter included reference to NO minors after 8pm Fri/Saturday)

Welcome Curlers!!

We hope you have a great time this weekend! Here is some information regarding the bonspiel

Game rules/format:

Friday night games will be 6 ends (remainder of the weekend – 8 ends).  Teams to include 2 male and 2 female curlers, playing alternate positions.  All hogged rocks will owe $1.00 to the loonie bank. Half of the money collected will be awarded by draw to a curler.  Double bags will be awarded at the end of each draw. A double consists of any two rocks removed from the rings, not including the shot stone.

Saturday’s banquet will start at 5pm and is open to curlers, with additional meals available at 10.00.   Morden based Rusty Nail featuring guitarist Frank McLean will perform Saturday night. Signed in guests are welcome, as space permits.

Silent auction and prize draws will be done at roughly 9:30pm (after the final draw on Saturday). Costume judging will also happen at this time, with this year’s theme Olympics.  All teams are invited to come dressed as a tribute to their assigned country.  Winners do not need to be in attendance to win the rainbow auction prize, as winning numbers will be posted,  but all winning tickets need to be claimed by Monday

Please note that much of the carpet has been covered by a vinyl runner, due to our carpet starting to “shed”, and cause rock to “pick”  We urge you to use the ice surface or vinyl walkway as much as possible.  Thanks for your cooperation.

Good luck, and good curling!!

SUBMITTED by Al/Vanessa/Lonnie –