September 9th, 2014

Present: Vanessa, Derek, Terri, Collin, Al, Terry, Lonnie

Absent: Jake, Kristin, Keith

200 Club:

–Jake willing to organize 200 Club again

The Road Show Program:

–Kaitlyn Lawes and Reid Carruthers to come to Altona on November 25th

–Program consists of a “Try it, you’ll like it” to encourage interest, a junior clinic to help improve skills, and an adult awareness clinic in the evening.

–We would need a 1:10 ratio of volunteer to students

–Do we partner with a school (if the case which school) or is this offered to ‘our’ curlers first

–Times of: 10:30-12:30, 1-3, 4-6 and 7:30-9

–Derek to contact schools, Al to contact Connor at Curl MB for more information

–Further details to be discussed.

Junior Curling:

–Details as per Derek’s email

Ford Fundraiser Event:

–Terry with posters – to be posted around town

–Keith with men’s email, Terri with women’s

–Preregistration date: Tuesday, September 16th 5-8 @ Rhineland Car

–Derek and Vanessa to cover

–6 people needed for Thursday, September 18th at MEC.

–Vanessa to find volunteers

Registration Night:

–October 20th at 6-7pm

–Meeting to follow

Other Business:

–Painting of west wall (on ice) to be done by Jill F. And High School students.

–Aiming to be done by new year

–Wendy and Al to sign hosting agreement for Sr. Mens

–Bulk of group wants to do again

–Family Spiel Date?

–Pub Night planned for December 13th

Returning Executive:

–Kristin, Collin, Keith, Terri, Derek, Jake

Next meeting: October 7th @ 7pm