Monday, October 27, 2014

1.Meeting called to order at 7:00.

2.Election of President – Keith Stoesz volunteered to take on the role as President. Executive agreed.

3.Election of Vice President – Position is still open.

4.Secretary – Collin Sawatzky agreed to take minutes for current meeting. No permanent Secretary has been appointed.

5.Financial Report – there is money in the account and more money coming in from curling registration, etc.

Other Business:

-Terry needs more info for scheduling Ladies Night draws. Terry McMillan will provide Terry with a list.

-Junior Curling – Intro to Curling starts November 6th. Junior Curling starts November 10th.

-Collin Sawatzky is organizing Intro to Curling, Derek Wahl is organizing Junior Curling.

-Derek needs more volunteers to help out with Junior Curling.

-RVS inquired about using the ice. Derek will talk to Terry.

-Mens Curling – about half the registration money has come in.

-Currently there are 11 mens teams scheduled for Wednesday night, and 8 for Thursday night. This may be changed in the near future as registration may change.

-The Curl Manitoba Road Show will be held on November 25th. Need to finalize the schedule for the day/times/supper, etc. Also looking for volunteers. W.C. Miller Colllegiate and Parkside School will be attending. West Park School has not confirmed.

-Wall Mural – Jill Ferris would like more details on the proposed wall mural, as well as a timeline for the project. Possibly spring? Derek will talk to her.

-Tax Receipts – Derek and Wendy will look into it.

-Last year’s fishing trip draw raised $1,097. Will be doing it again this year but need more details.


-Income Statement – put money into separate account for plant. Moved by Dan Pappel, seconded by Terry McMillan.

Upcoming Bonspiels:

-Mens Bonspiel – February 13 – 15, 2015. Organizers are Collin Sawatzky and Brent Fehr.

-Ladies Bonspiel – January 9 – 11, 2015. Organizers are Kristin Opocensky, Dineen Pippus and Dan Pappel.

-Funspiel – November 15, 2014. Organizers are Keith Stoesz and Terry McMillan.

-Mixed Bonspiel – March 13 – 15, 2015. Organizers are Al Friesen, Jon Fehr and Grace Braun.

-Pub Night – December 13, 2014. Organizer is Derek Wahl.

-Junior Bonspiel – doubtful.

Fish Fry:

-Next Fish Fry is November 5, 2014.

-Future Fish Fry night is first Wednesday of every month. Price to stay the same as last year.

Next meeting will be held on Monday, December 1, 2014 at 7:00 p.m.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:10 p.m.

Annual Meeting Minutes – October 20th,  2014

Lonnie Stoesz appointed Secretary.

Presidents Report:

–Ford Fund-raiser:

–307 reports sent in

–We received the maximum amount of $6,000

–Bonspiel Dates

–Funspiel – November 15th

–Pub Night – December 13th

–Women’s – January 10th

–Men’s – February 14th

–Sr. Men’s – February 21st

–Mixed – March 13th

–Wind-up – March 26th

–Junior – TBD

Financial Report:

–Memberships were down a bit last year. Back to our ‘normal’ amount.

–Ice Rentals were down

–Junior registration was up

–Fish Fry prices rebounded back to normal after down year

–Donations and Grants were down. 2012/2013 had excess due to Scotties

–Repairs are up due to rug replacement

Managers Report:

–Fishing Trip Draw to be done again this year.

–They will supply everything, including tickets. No cost to us.

–Rugs replaced this summer

–Club Lounge is mostly booked up

Executive Update:

–Lonnie Stoesz and Vanessa Penner have finished their terms

–New to this years executive:

–Grace Braun

–Brent Fehr

–Daniel Pappel

–John Fehr

–Dineen Pippus

–Melanie moves to appoint Wendy Friesen as Treasurer. Terri seconded. Motion Passed.

Jake Bergen will handle the 200 Club

–Please return tickets to Jake by December 1st

Junior Curling Update:

–Time reduction for Intro To Curling

–Grades 1 – 4. Will take place on Thursdays

–Junior League is now just Monday’s

–So far we have 2 draws worth of teams

–We are looking for someone to ‘run’ with this program. If you are interested, please let us know.

Pub Night:

–+18. Show up, we’ll put teams together and enjoy drinks and some appetizers

–$10 to curl, includes the cost of food. $5 to just watch

–This is a night just for fun and to give beginner and non-regular curlers a chance to curl

–Really positive  response last year.

–December 13th. We will look to do more in January/February

Curl Manitoba Road Show:

–Reid Carruthers will be present along with another female curler tba

–Date is set for November 25th

–Fun event to teach juniors and adults

–We are hoping schools will sign up for kids to participate.

Provincial Senior Mens:

–Organizing Committee is coming together

–Quinn Hildebrand is in charge of volunteers once again

October 7th, 2014

Present: Vanessa, Keith, Al, Terri M., Kristin, Derek, Lonnie

Absent: Jake, Terry P., Collin

Rhineland Car Fund-raising Event:

–307 reports sent in. We expect some to be rejected.

–Some sort of ‘Thank you’ should be sent to Rhineland Car?

Fishing Lodge Raffle:

–Couple wants to run the contest again

–They will supply the tickets this time around

Road Show – November 25th:

–Kaitlyn Lawes can not make the 25th

–Kaitlyn was the big draw – do we change the date to accommodate her?

–Schools have not been contacted yet – Derek to look into once a date has been finalized.

Bonspiel Dates:

Funspiel – November 15th

Pub Night – December 13th

Women’s – January 10th

Men’s – February 14th

Sr. Men’s – February 21st

Mixed – March 13th

Wind-up – March 26th

Junior – TBD

Registration – Monday, October 20th:

–Derek to register juniors.

–Advertisement? Emails, Facebook, Chamber sign, radio?

Senior Men’s:

–Organizing Committee is coming together

–Positive outlook

Chicken Chef Mixed:

–Cheque to be presented Thursday, October 9th

–Newspaper and radio press to be present

2014 Junior Curling Fees:

–Grades 1-4 is $70 for the whole year or $40 for half

–Grades 5-9 is $75 for the Junior League

–High School Curlers will be charges the $40 Associate Membership fee, IF they are not involved in any other ACC league

–Juniors curling in Men’s/Ladies Night is $75 or $40 if also participating in the Junior League

2014 Culing Fees:

–Keith moves to keep Adult Fee structure of $800 per team for 2014/2015 curling season

–Derek seconded. Approved.


–Terri M., Derek and Keith to organize

Other Business:

–Al to serve as a liaison between Altona Curling Club and Town Council