Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Attending: Grace, Derek, Colin, Dan, Brent, Keith, Dineen. Missing: Terry P, Terry M, Kristin

1.Financial Update – Keith

1.1.Had $17,000 profit in 2014-2015 season but $10,000 was from Senior prov and $6,000 from Ford Fundraiser so barely broke even on operations. Large expense of $14,000 on repairs and maintenance, mostly on ice plant

2.Ice Plant funding

2.1.Have applied for some grants but none successful yet. Town as applied for a large grant on our behalf. Keith will continue to work on applying for grants in fall.

3.Managers Report – Terry P

3.1.Need work party to repair 360 hose clamps before the season starts. Terry to set a day and Keith will send an email.

4.Rates for this season – last years rates are listed and new rates at the end of the lines.

4.1.Junior Program grades 1-4 – $40 per session or $70 for both sessions – go to $40 per session.

4.2.Junior Program grades 5-8 – $75  – go to $85

4.3.High School – $40 – go to $50

4.4.Adult leagues – $200 per person – go to $220 up to 4 people, 5th member pays associate fee.

4.5.Associate members and subs – $40 – go to $50

4.6.Bonspiel rates – Per team – we stop offering half price to junior teams.

4.6.1.Funspiel – $60 May combind funspiel with Junior bonspiel. Rate to be set at a later date.

4.6.2.Ladies – $120 – go up to $160

4.6.3.Men’s – $120 – go up to $160

4.6.4.Mixed – $140 – go up to $160

4.7.Rental Rates for 1/2 day meeting – go to $100 8 am to 5 pm – go to $150 all day including family gatherings which can use kitchen – go to $200 for parties w/bartender – go to $225 for parties without  – go to $175 for socials we get bar and supply tenders – $300 for banquets – go to $350

Motion to approve rates as set out above moved by Derek, seconded by Brent, All in Favour

5.Bonspiel dates

5.1.Funspiel – maybe run with Junior Bonspiel in early March?

5.2.Ladies – January 8-10th

5.3.Junior – Early March?

5.4.Mens – Feb 19-21

5.5.Mixed – March 18 – 20 or March 11-13

6.Annual meeting and registration date –Wednesday October 21 – Registrations start at 6:00 Meeting at 7:00.

7.Hanging Provincial Banner – above right of the bar? – talk to Terry

8.Executive terms – Below is what I could figure out

8.1.Keith and Terry M.– 1 year left on 2nd term

8.2.Kristin, Collin and Derek – completed 2 year term. Derek and Collin are willing to stay on another 2 years. Kristin will not continue.

8.3.Dan P, Brent F, Grace and Dineen – Completed 1 year of 1st term.

8.4.Jonathan Fehr – resigned

9.Junior Update – Derek would like to run some high school games. Keith and Derek to talk to Terry


10.Wall Mural Painting – Grace to follow up with Jill Ferris at the High School

To do list for annual meeting

-Verify the date works with Terry – YES

-Keith to bring registration sheets

-Collin/Dan to take Wednesday Registrations

-Brent/Keith for Thursday Registrations

-Dineen/Grace for Ladies

-Derek and a helper for Juniors

-Keith to make updated Rate sheets

-Keith to send an email regarding updated rates

-Town sign board Britney Reimer / Ron Epp: Message says Curling Club Registration/Annual Meeting

-Derek to put up posters in schools

-Derek and Keith to meet with Terry regarding some things.

Meeting adjourned 8:40