Executive Meeting November 30, 2015

Minutes – Executive Meeting

All present:  Dineen Pippus, Collin Sawatzky, Derek Wahl, Keith Stoesz, Melanie Kauppila, Dan Pappel, Brent Fehr,

Terry Peters, Terry McMillan, Grace Braun

Regrets:  Ian Forrester, Alex Wahl, Al Friesen.

1.  Manager’s Report – Terry Peters

–  Everything seems to be running well

–  Fish Fry coming up on the Dec 2nd.

–  Terry mentioned that he has already repaired a couple of leaks coming from the Heat recovery system.

These pipes are not very expensive

–  Terry called MLCC to order another sign in book for our lounge and they told him we don’t need to do that

anymore.  The signs can be taken down.

–  Question was posed to Terry of who is responsible to sound the buzzer at 7:40pm for the 6 o’ clock draw.

The decision was made that whoever is on the exec and is curling at 6pm should go in and sound the

buzzer at 7:40.

2.  Ice Plant Replacement- Keith

–  Al Friesen and Keith Stoesz met with the Town of Altona and made a pitch that the club be allowed to use

Money in reserves …$150,000.00 to go towards the ice plant and that they would borrow money …

anything exceeding this amount.  They are reviewing the request and will get back to us.

–  Keith has applied to several organizations for grants.  (Thx Keith)

–  Altona Community Foundation has granted us $4500.00

–  applications have been sent to Richardson Building, working on Community Places, Enbridge (considering)

–   Goal is to replace the plant next fall.

3.  Men’s League update – Dan & Brent

–  Wednesday and Thursday nights are going well.

–  2 entry fees are outstanding for Wednesday evening.

4. Women League update- Dineen & Grace

–  if someone is not on the sub list and are curling, should they be allowed to?  Answer from the exec was

Yes…as long as it is understood that they must play lead if they are not a member.

–  Miranda Klippenstein’s should be added to the sub list.

5. Wednesday Ladies update- Mel

–  There have been some injuries on the Wednesday curling teams but all is well and having fun.

–  Phyllis Friesen must send in the money and forms to Keith Stoesz who will update the membership

List and send to curl Manitoba before December 15th.

6. Junior update- Derek Wahl

–  Everything seems to be working well in spite of it being very busy!

–  Volunteers are working out well.

7.  Women’s Bonspiel – Dan, Grace & Terry McMillan

–  January 8-10

–  these 3 will meet on Wednesday, December 9th at the Curling Club at 4:30pm to hash out details.

–  the 1st 200 club draw is going to be made that day so tickets need to be sold and in by the spiel date.

–  the silent auction will be eliminated from the bonspiel this year and perhaps replaced by a 50/50 draw or a

nice wine, cheese and cracker basket.

8.  Junior bonspiel- Derek

–  January 23rd

–  Winkler wants to send some teams so it will be a Winkler/Altona spiel.

–  Categories by ages…younger teams – 1 hour games, older – 2 hour games

–  Keith will remove the initial information from  Curl Manitoba Website.

9.  Membership list has to be into Curl Manitoba by 12/12/15.

–  Keith will be looking after this.


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