Executive Meeting January 11, 2016

All Present:  Terry Peters, Terry McMillan, Dan Pappel, Keith Stoesz,  Dineen Pippus, Melanie Kauppila, Derek Wahl, Grace Braun

Regrets:  Al Friesen, Ian Forrester, Brent Fehr, Colin Sawatzky

No Financials to report.

1.  Manager’s report- Terry Peters.

Everything seems to be running well.  Banquet season is over and Terry predicts it was much the same as last year with the exception that he did mor of the meal making this year.

It was mentioned that a sign should be posted saying that it is important to change grippers.  There is a lot of rubber found on the ice.  Terry also has grippers for sale in his office.

2.  Ice plant replacement – Keith/Terry P.  The curling club has  confirmation that they will be receiving $20,000.00 from the Richardson Foundation and $5,000.00 from Altona Community Foundation to go towards the new ice plant.  Terry has spoken to 2 other companies besides Chimco for pricing and plant options.  They should have something by weekend in this regard.  The Town of Altona also wants to partner with the curling club in these decisions and funding the project.

3.  Men’s league update.  New rounds will be made up shortly since the 1st rounds are nearly complete.  The teams will be divided into “A” groups and “B” groups to determine playoffs  in March.  Playoff date is March 24 th.

Thursday mens complete their round on February 11 and will be able to play 1/2 a round following this.

4.  Ladies League- Dineen and Grace .

Things are winding down for the first round and the A vs B will happen with the ladies league as well.there are a few concerns that were addressed and will be dealt with through an email sent by Keith to all members regarding curling etiquette.

5.  Wednesday ladies league- Melanie.

There are no concerns regarding Wednesday curling and things are working out well.

6.  Junior league – Derek.

Derek would like to have someone in place for the Thursday Juniors before the season is up as he is not willing to take this on next year and this way the new coordinator can observe a few weeks before curling ends.  Thursday Junior curling in particular is very high in numbers.  Derek would really like to concentrate on growing the high school curling program.  ( Great Idea!)

7.  Ladies bonspiel- Dan, Terry M and Grace.

Food was great!  Need a place to play music that is easy to operate. Chips on tables Saturday evening were great.  Should have been someone to take pictures.  Dineen and Grace will get the names of all people on the winning teams to Keith.  Suggestions were to ditch the decorations next year and the fact that there was not a silent auction was not missed but the 50/50 draw came with 2 separate draws for baskets and this was not communicated properly.  A report will be written up and put into the binder along with suggestions for next year.

8.  Mens bonspiel- February 21 & 22.  Fish fry will be served.

9.  Junior spiel- Derek said most teams are 13 & under with the exception of one 17& under team.

10.  Mixed spiel- March 20 & 21.  Band has been hired

11.  Next meeting February 8 at 7pm.

****NOTE- Keith made special mention of some people were interned in a 6 week “Intro to Curling for Adults”

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