Executive Meeting Mon. Feb 8, 2016

7pm ACC Lounge

Present: Terry Peters, Mel Kauppila, Dineen Pippus, Derek Wahl, Ian Forrester, Keith Stoesz, Brent Fehr

Regrets: Grace Braun, Alex, Colin, Terri McMillan

(sorry for the spelling of names and omission of last names)

Keith called the meeting to order at 705pm

Mel K offered to record minutes

Meeting followed the agenda circulated by Keith

1.Manager’s Report- Terry P. Things are going well. Parkside Jr High is curling for two weeks and will have bonspiel/fun day to wind up. Parent volunteers will probably be needed.

-Intro to curling group wind up Feb, 11, 2016.

-Terry noted that folks are ordering/replacing and changing grippers, seems to be helping with some debris on ice surface.

-Fish Fry March 2

2. Ice Plant Replacement- Keith/Terry: A donation of 20,000.00 was received from the Richardson   (Pioneer) Foundation. SYMCO & Prairie HVAC have yet to supply pricing. As well, no news from the Town of Altona as of yet.

3. Men’s league: last draws for Thursday nights will be coming up soon. Wind up March 24,2016

4. Tuesday Ladies League: A request to refund a sub payer’s fee of $50.00 was approved. (Individual has not been able to curl due to family situation)

5. Wed. afternoon Ladies League: All good, volunteers to serve at Men’s bonspiel have been found.

6. Junior’s : Wind up set for March 14 2016. Meal to players, family can buy additional meal (Chicken finger.fries. beverage). It is essential to have skilled parent/coaches for next year. High School Provincials are Feb 25-27 in Gladstone/Plumas. Jr. Bonspiel went well, slight mix up on number of teams, but a willing bunch of older kids put a team together to make things work out.

7. Men’s Bonspiel: Feb 19-21. Fish fry supper.

8. Mixed Bonspiel set for March 18-20. Theme will be a leap year/recycled St. Patrick’s Day. Planning group to look after details. Al Friesen has booked a band called “Rusty Nail”.

9. A note that there is no financial update.

10. Next Meeting: March 7, 2016 at 7pm.

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