Annual Meeting Minutes Nov 8, 2017

  1. Review of the 2016 Annual Meeting Minutes – Alex Wahl
    • Motion to move the minutes – Derek Wahl
  • Second – Keith Stoesz


  1. Junior Banners – Alex Wahl
    • 2017 Curl Manitoba U18 Provincial Championship banner has been hung


  1. Presidents Report – Alex Wahl
    • Congratulations to Keith Stoesz for winning the Curling Canada 2016 Manitoba Volunteer of the Year
    • The plant has been in operation for one full season
    • Both our male and female high school teams had great seasons last year
    • We are excited to host the Canola Growers U21 Manitoba Curling Championships at the end of the 2017 year
    • Hosting an 18+ Mixed Doubles bonspiel on November 18/17
    • We will be changing our Mixed Bonspiel to an Open Bonspiel – this will take place March 16-18/18
    • Our junior program had another very successful season


  1. Financial Report – Alex Wahl
    • Long-term Liabilities are doing very well
      • $25,000 outstanding should be paid off in the next 2 years
    • Net Income of $4,116 reflects:
      • Hit on the fish fry (higher cost of fish and lost 1 fish fry due to weather)
      • Lounge revenue/expenses are difficult to track as there is no cash in/cash out
    • Accounts Payable outstanding has been taken care of
    • Motion
      • Approve the financials – Alex Wahl
      • Second – Derek Wahl
      • All in favour


  1. Junior Curling Report – Keith Stoesz
    • Junior registration is down from 13 teams to 10 teams
      • There are teams moving into the men’s & ladies leagues – but only 1 coming up to junior
    • 20 kids are registered for Intro to Curling
      • The younger group seems to be decreasing
    • We received 2 grants to order all new equipment for the Junior program from the following organizations:
    • YIP – W.C. Miller Collegiate
    • Curtis Klassen Memorial Fund
  2. Canola Growers U21 Manitoba Curling Championships – Keith Stoesz
  • Volunteers are needed – recruitment of these volunteers is very slow
    • Need people to commit by registering on the club website
  • Sponsorship team has done a great job getting sponsors
    • Total will come to about $37,000 – $38,000


  1. Manager Report – on behalf of Terry Peters (Alex Wahl)
  • We experienced a glitch in the plant to start the year which pushed our start dates back by a week
  • We will have the opportunity to use arena shaped rocks after Christmas
  • We have a high volume of rentals taking place in the next few months
    • Christmas Banquets have already started


  1. Start Dates
  • Men’s Night – November 8th
  • Ladies Night – November 7th
  • Club Windup – March 22nd


  1. Bonspiel Dates
  • Open Doubles (18+) – November 18th
  • Women’s Bonspiel – January 12-13
  • Men’s Bonspiel – February 16-18
  • Open Bonspiel – March 16-18


  1. New Business
    • First aid kit should be put under the AED machine
    • Reminder to avoid putting your knees/hands on the ice after you shoot

















Executive Nominations

Members in mid-term:

  • Kelsie Bergen – completed 1st of 2 year term
  • Ian Forrester – completed 1st of 2 year term
  • Tara Funke – completed 1st of 2 year term
  • Dan Pappel – completed 1st of 2nd 2 year term
  • Brent Fehr – completed 1st of 2nd 2 year term


Members with completed terms:

  • Alex Wahl – Completed 1 2 year term
  • Derek Wahl – Completed 2nd 2 year term
  • Collin Sawatzky – Completed 2nd 2 year term


Members willing to join/extend term on executive:

  • Alex Wahl
  • Keith Stoesz
  • Sandy Bergen



Shawn Friesen moves that Alex Wahl extends his term on the executive.

Alex accepts.


Derek Wahl moves that Keith Stoesz joins the executive.

Keith accepts.


Kristin Opocensky moves that Sandy Bergen joins the executive.

Sandy accepts.


Vic Klassen moves that the nominations close.


Move that the meeting is adjourned – Shawn Friesen

Second – Derek Wahl


Next Meeting Dates: December 4th, 2017

Executive Minutes Oct 23, 2017

Present: Alex Wahl, Brent Fehr, Dan Pappel, Ian Forrester, Keith Stoesz, Kelsie Bergen, Sandy Bergen

Missing: Wendy Friesen, Tara Funke, Terry Peters


Review of the March Meeting Minutes

  • Motion to move the minutes – Alex Wahl
  • Second – Brent Fehr


Financial Report – Alex Wahl

  • Starting the year lower than we would like financially
  • Lounge money is enough to purchase bar stock for the start of the year
  • Lower fish fry proceeds last year (price of fish, not enough fish, storm day)
  • Questioning the Telephone expense? Is that for the whole year or only our portion?


Junior Curling – Keith Stoesz

  • Down total number of teams in the junior curling program
  • 5 teams in both the younger and older group
    • Down 18 curlers total
  • Start curling on November 6th
  • Requiring adult to be out on the ice with the younger groups (per team)
  • Coaches are set for the program
  • 17 registered on the younger Thursday group (grade 1 -4)
    • Volunteers required for the Thursday night group
    • This program will start on November 9th
  • Hit, Draw, Tap program to be completed in November
    • Points based on where the shot ends up
    • Top 3-5 from the club go to the regional competition
  • 2 grants to order new equipment
    • YIP – W.C. Miller Collegiate
    • Curtis Klassen Memorial Fund
    • Should be able to order all new equipment for the junior program


U21 Provincials

  • Planning is going well
  • Berth bonspiel last weekend – Zacharias rink won
  • Volunteers are the biggest challenge
    • 35-40 volunteers signed up online into the system
    • Encouraging these volunteers at the next 2 fish fry’s
  • Wrapping up sponsorships – near $20,000 mark right now


Manager Report – Terry Peters

  • Computer glitches – ice plant not functioning in the beginning
  • We couldn’t get enough ice in before Greg could be here
  • Now Greg is only coming November 2
  • No more glitter can be used on the ice surface – Grad committee


Executive Nominations

  • To be completed after Annual Meeting


Executive Assignments

  • Open Doubles – Alex Wahl & Keith Stoesz (will help)
  • Women’s Bonspiel – Kelsie Bergen & Dan Pappel
  • Men’s Bonspiel – Brent Fehr & Tara Funke
  • Open Bonspiel – Ian Forrester & Sandy Bergen
  • Junior Bonspiel – date to be determined? Keith Stoesz



  • Wednesday Men’s – Brent Fehr & Dan Pappel
  • Tuesday Ladies – Kelsie Bergen & Tara Funke
  • Wednesday Ladies – Sandy Bergen


200 Club – Derek Wahl

  • It will stay as a 200 club – not a 300 club for this year
  • Derek would like to move the fish fry draws all forward a month
  • Try to draw money from outside curling club members


Timeouts for Teams

  • Parent of a junior team was wondering if teams can call timeouts and a coach would go out on the ice to assist
  • Has to be open for all teams & leagues
  • 30 second time-out and coach/parent can come down to talk to the team
  • Has to be put out in the opening letter at the start of the year



  • Wendy has done it up until now and will continue to complete this task




  • Wednesday – one 6 o’clock draw, three 7 o’clock draws and one 8 o’clock draw
  • Thursday – one 7 o’clock draw



  • Tuesday – one 6 o’clock draw, three 7 o’clock draws and one 8 o’clock draw



Next Annual Meeting

  • November 8th – 6:30 pm



Move that the meeting is adjourned – Alex Wahl

Second – Kelsie Bergen


Next Meeting Dates: December 4th, 2017 & January 8th, 2018

Executive Minutes Sep 12, 2017

Present: Alex Wahl, Brent Fehr, Collin Sawatzky, Keith Stoesz, Dan Pappel, Tara Funke, Derek Wahl

Missing: Wendy Friesen, Terry Peters, Dineen Pippus, Terry McMillan


Review of the March Meeting Minutes

  • Motion to move the minutes – Alex Wahl
  • Second – Tara Funke


Manager’s Report – Terry Peters

  • Discuss Rental rates
    • Will confirm with Terry but want rates to go up $25 to ½ day $100, full day $200, extra $50 for kitchen
  • Ceiling Cleanup – Stacey says will be completed soon. Terry or Alex would like to be present to do a visual check.
  • Bulbs will be replaced at the clubs cost.
  • Need dots put in for the mixed doubles curling
  • Alex will see if we can get a sponsor to pay for their logo on the dots.
  • Terry may need some extra help till Al gets back.
  • Utilities clocks need to be reset on Oct 15 when the club takes over for the season
  • Dishwasher has a leak if not treated correctly, replacement should be considered in the future


League Updates

  • Wednesday & Thursday Men’s League
    • Need to draft a letter to all teams re: a balanced approach to keeping the Wed/Thurs numbers closer to each other, if not we will need to implement cross-over games
    • Best results would be an email with a follow-up phone call.
  • Tuesday Ladies
    • This is actually for all leagues, need a sign up to clarify that the bell is for the early draw only.
  • Wednesday Ladies
    • We want to have a representative from this league on the executive.
    • Consider advertising this league a bit more – newspaper ad, also for all leagues?


Start dates

  • Men’s nights Nov 1st/2nd
  • Ladies night Nov 7th
  • Club Windup March 22nd


Bonspiel Dates

  • Women’s Jan 12,13
  • Men’s Feb 16,17
  • Mixed Doubles Nov 18th
    • This is an 18+ only spiel
    • Will need a few volunteers to run the on ice side of things
  • Do we have an open bonspiel on March 16,17 instead of a mixed bonspiel??


Junior League Update

  • Start dates
    • Thursday start (Nov 9 – Dec 14)
    • Monday start date on November 6th
  • No age cap to allow more curlers to participate, not turning anyone away.
  • Posters to go out to schools
  • Quote for equipment upgrade
    • Grants not all approved yet
    • Asham price is $2500
    • Would need to order buy the end of Sept to have equipment for the start of the season


U21 Provincials – December 2017

  • Discussion around funds from sponsorship
  • Sharing percentages are being discussed
  • Volunteers are being recruited at Minor Hockey Registration Night
  • Bartenders will need to be licensed for Jr. Provincials
  • Online registration will be up and running shortly
  • No cost T-shirt if volunteering



Financial Report

  • No extra funds
  • Enough $’s to get started
  • Last season was tight but was not a loss


200 Club

  • Derek is in charge of 300 club next year – he has taken on this responsibility
  • Looking into the changes if it becomes a “300 Club” for this season
  • Distribution will also happen at Fish Frys.


Learn to Curl Next Year

  • Thursday evening or Sunday afternoon
  • Will discuss at registration meeting.



  • Wendy has run in the past
  • Should she train another person


New executives for next season – need 3



Move that the meeting is adjourned – Tara

Second – Derek


Next Meeting Date: Registration Night October 10th


Executive Minutes March 6, 2017

Present: Alex Wahl, Terry Peters, Brent Fehr, Collin Sawatzky, Dan Pappel, Ian Forrester, Terry McMillan & Kelsie Bergen

Missing: Dineen Pippus, Wendy Friesen, Keith Stoesz, Tara Funke, Derek Wahl


Review of the February Meeting Minutes

  • Motion to move the minutes – Alex Wahl
  • Second – Brent Fehr


Manager’s Report – Terry Peters

  • Will be increasing price the fish fry price to $18 next year
    • Cost of fish has gone up significantly ($1.50/per plate extra)
  • Look at replacing light bulbs – it has been 3 years since they’ve been changed



  • Recommendation: rubberized tile floors like the arena (without the skate guard)
  • Not financially feasible before the junior provincials


League Updates

  • Wednesday Men’s League
    • Playoffs starting this week
  • Thursday Men’s League
    • Playoffs starting this week
  • Tuesday Ladies
    • Playoffs starting this week
  • Wednesday Ladies
    • No playoffs – continuing until the end of the season
  • Junior League
    • Cancelled tonight due to weather
    • 2 more Monday’s outstanding
    • Winkler bonspiel – 4 Altona teams came out on top


Outstanding Fees

  • Down to one person


Men’s Bonspiel

  • Went well – no issues
  • 72% paid out – looking at re-analyzing this for next year
    • Considering a 60% payout


Mixed Bonspiel

  • Need to work on the bartending schedule
  • Organize kitchen help – 2 or 3 people
  • Terry will take care of a few decorations
  • When Terry calls the teams he will ask them to bring a snack for Friday night
  • Derek is working on a playlist for Saturday night


Important Dates

  • Club windup – March 23


U21 Provincials – December 2017

  • Meeting on March 13
  • Sponsorship letters will start going out in the next few weeks to businesses


Ice plant update

  • Proposal was sent to town for the outstanding $15,000
  • They will review it at their next meeting


Financial Report – Wendy

  • No report


200 Club

  • 200 club draws during the fish fry’s (4 each)
  • Do the largest ones at the Club Windup – 4 draws
  • Leave 3 outstanding to do at the April fish fry


Learning to Curl

  • 8 people attended
  • Very successful


Lounge Bookings

  • Meetings upstairs we are currently charging $75
  • Increase the price to $100


New ideas

  • Curl/crokinole bonspiel
    • Where do we set it up?
  • Mixed Bonspiel 2018
    • Mixed doubles bonspiel alongside the regular bonspiel?


Next Meeting dates:

Tuesday April 18, 2017 @ 7pm

Executive Minutes Feb 16, 2017

ACC Exec Minutes: Feb 16, 2017


Minutes read

  • Alex moved
  • Collin seconded


Manager Report

  • Fish Fry: stay at $15 for rest of the year, looking at $17 for next year
    • Going to ask for fish to be set aside in the summer (800 lbs)
  • 200 club
    • Lots of people asking Terry, asking
    • Making the draw at the fish fry
    • Go up to 400 club? 300 club? Raise price to $50
    • Think about it for next year
  • Ice Conditions
    • Some rug fibers on the ice
    • Using heat recovery system means a lot more air movement
    • Seeing fuzz on the ice after flooding, debris in the air
    • Ideas for replacing carpet
      • Wondering if the kitchen flooring material would work on the walkways
        • Will it crack, will it withstand the cold
      • Winkler uses rubber mats
        • Probably breaks down quickly
      • Summer decking
        • Expensive
      • Box liner spray?
      • Get rid of walkways?
      • Carpet sealer
        • Brent will look into it, so will Tara


Men’s Bonspiel

  • 14 teams right now,
  • Brent, Collin, and Tara are going to run it
  • All set


Mixed Bonspiel

  • Terry: decorating,
  • Ian: bartending
  • Derek: theme
  • 50/50 on Saturday
  • No age restrictions


Thursday Night

  • One draw at a time, so people remember to mark their wins and loses
  • Look for someone from each night to be on executive





Junior Bonspiel

  • Full day of curling
  • Winkler send 8 teams, 8 teams from Altona
  • Separated the teams into two pools by ability level
  • Lots of people here, people stayed almost all day


Junior League

  • Thursday program wrapped up today
    • 34 different curlers total
  • One more week of regular curling in the Monday league
    • Two person team has been awkward at times
  • Next year
    • Keep people curling in the junior program as long as they are in school, no age limits
    • Concerned about keeping the momentum going
      • Losing boys, some gaps in the ages


Ice Plant

  • We owe $15000 on the ice plant after all grants
  • Accounts Payable
    • $42000 – ice plant (15000), lease payment (10,000), capital fund (10,000)
  • Ask to have capital fund payment go toward the ice plant debt
    • Remind them that we are paying for things beyond the lease agreement
  • Keith will follow up with Al
  • Had a broken pipe last week
    • Fix should be warranty, he admitted to it at the time


Rest of Season

  • Club Windup, March 23
  • Playoffs start week of March 6
    • Ladies should be able to stay on Tuesdays
    • Men should be able to stick to once a week, stay on either a Wednesday or Thursday



  • Sponsorship letter is being created
  • A number of people are committed to selling
  • Sponsors rewards will be simplified – day passes
  • Working on volunteer letter
    • Need to determine volunteer clothing costs
    • Looking at shirts and fleeces (two options)
  • New special event coordinator, we will be the person’s first event
  • Need between 200-250
    • 60 ice
    • 35-40 officials
  • CurlManitoba will send out trainers
    • Hoping for training session in November
    • Should be able to get clocks early
  • Should be able to leave up advertising

Financial Report

  • Membership is down
  • Fundraiser membership is down, because a portion of the membership cost goes to fundraiser membership
  • Banquet payout is quite different


200 Club

  • All sold, all money is in


Adult curling

  • March 3rd evening
  • Advertising costs were too high to consider
  • Put it on the events page of pvonline


Regional Connections

  • March 27: curling for newcomers to community


New ideas for getting people to curl

  • Try to change the way bonspiels run: Stonewall Fun Night
  • Mostly non club members, some non-curlers
  • Feel like we aren’t ready to change all of our bonspiels yet
  • Looks like a good idea for the fall
    • Run a more structured pub night idea
    • Friday night adult only event
  • Run fundraiser events


Executive Minutes Jan 19, 2017

Present: Alex Wahl, Derek Wahl, Brent Fehr, Collin Sawatzky, Dan Pappel & Kelsie Bergen

Missing: Dineen Pippus, Wendy Friesen, Ian Forrester, Keith Stoesz, Tara Funke


Motion that Alex Wahl is the President for the 2016-2017 Year

  • Motion – Derek
  • Second – Collin
  • All in favour – unanimous


Review of the December Meeting Minutes

  • Motion to move the minutes – Alex
  • Second – Brent


Manager’s Report – Terry Peters

  • Going to replace the rubber membranes into the filtration system
    • Membranes don’t last long due to town water (high chlorine)
  • Fish fry numbers were decent in January
    • Decision to run at the current price for the rest of the year
    • Will re-assess the price next year
    • If the price of fish stays high, the price will need to increase
  • Feedback from Ladies Bonspiel – money
    • 12 out of 16 teams are getting paid out money during the bonspiel
    • Consideration for paying only the winners and losers of each event


League Updates

  • Wednesday Men’s League
    • End of schedule – lots of back games that need to get played
    • Only 5 weeks left
  • Thursday Men’s League
    • A lot of back games / cancellations
      • No solution for this
    • Tuesday Ladies
      • No Report
    • Junior League
      • 25 registered in the Thursday group for the New Year
      • Bonspiel Preparation
        • One team away from being full for the bonspiel
        • Most spots are filled for the canteen schedule
      • High school League
        • Teams competing in zones in the coming week




Outstanding Fees

  • Fairly extensive list of outstanding fees
    • Derek & Alex are working on this
    • Another round of emails will be sent out


Men’s Bonspiel

  • Posters & bartending schedule have been posted


Important Dates

  • Start playoffs – March 6
  • Club windup – March 23


U21 Provincials – December 2017

  • Slowly filling the volunteer positions
  • Need a sponsorship coordinator and volunteer coordinator
  • Another meeting in the near future


Ice plant update

  • No problems or glitches
  • Heat recovery system seems to be good


Financial Report – Wendy

  • No report


Learning to Curl

  • Date? Friday March 3


Next Meeting dates:

Thursday, February 16th at 6 pm

Monday, March 6th at 7 pm


Executive Minutes Dec 8, 2016


Present: Alex Wahl, Derek Wahl, Brent Fehr, Ian Forrester, Keith Stoesz, Dan Pappel & Kelsie Bergen

Missing: Collin Sawatzky, Dineen Pippus, Wendy Friesen


Review of the October Meeting Minutes

  • Motion to move the minutes – Ian
  • Second – Derek


Board Roles

  • Men’s Wednesday Liaison
    • Dan Pappel & Collin Sawatzky
  • Men’s Thursday Liaison
    • Brent Fehr
  • Female Executive Role needs to be filled
    • Possibly Tara Funke-Friesen
  • Board would like representation from the Wednesday Afternoon Ladies Group
    • Alex will attend their draw next Wednesday to ask the group
  • 200 Club Organization
    • Ian Forrester & Derek Wahl


Manager’s Report

  • Terry couldn’t find enough fish for the December Fish Fry – had to cancel the fish fry
    • Due to mild weather
  • Terry has ordered the sound system
    • Received a grant to cover $1000 of the sound system


League Updates

  • Wednesday Men’s League
    • No Report
  • Thursday Men’s League
    • No Report
  • Tuesday Ladies
    • The Bell at 7:40 has not been going off (limited exec representation)
  • Junior League
    • 5:00 group – 7 teams (Monday)
    • 6:30 group – 6 teams (Monday)
    • Thursday Night – 28 kids
    • Have to reschedule next week Thursdays junior group due to the rescheduled High School tournament
  • High school League
    • Hosting high school tournament – had to be rescheduled due to a storm
    • Practice continues on Tuesday and Friday morning


Ice plant

  • Total cost – 246,688
  • Town budget – 175,000
  • Curling club raised through grants – 55,000
  • Outstanding – 12,000
  • Reason it went up – increase in electrical cost
  • Electrical Budget – 8000, came in at 19,000
    • Trying to determine how balance will be paid
  • Town is wanting to close off the purchase at the end of the year and put it on a A/P for $12,000
    • Next question: Can the capital fund payment go to pay this off?
    • We put $10,000 a year into the capital fund


Provincial Update

  • Committed to hosting the 2018 under 21 Junior Provincials
  • Date: Dec 26-31, 2017
  • This event will required both the curling and arena ice
  • 16 men’s and 16 ladies’ teams
  • Working on getting a committee together to run it
  • Co-heads of the Provincials: Keith Stoesz & Al Friesen
  • Main sponsor of the event: Canola Growers sponsor
    • They have requested Green & Yellow Rings
  • We can sell decals on the arena ice with the sponsorships
  • Curl MB pays for the ice maker
  • ACC pays his accommodations and his daily per diem
  • Greg needs 36 hours to get the ice in the arena
    • They want to get into the arena on Dec 21-22
    • Nothing will be done on Christmas Day


Jacket Update

  • 10 jackets sold
  • Alex will take care of placing the order with Prairie Sky Promotions


Financial Report – Wendy

  • Bank account holding strong
    • Paid town bill and outstanding balance will be paid in January
    • Waiting for start-up bills from Terry
  • RM of Rhineland has sent a form to fill out for the end of year grant usually received



  • Club Trophies – nobody will take on this task at this time
    • Trophies will be brought to the January meeting to see where to start
  • Trophy case construction
    • Before we take on this project, we need to figure out where we’re at with the ice plant
    • Focus on costs that are running the club – determine where we are at financially
  • Updating Junior Equipment
    • We will use $$ from the Junior Provincial to promote the growth of our own Junior program
  • Learn to Curl Friday night program
    • Keith Stoesz, Al Friesen & Tara Funke will head this up
    • Spend money on advertising (echo, facebook)
  • Ladies Bonspiel
    • Planning is well underway
    • Theme: Pretty in Pink
    • Posters will be distributed by next Tuesday
    • Bartending Schedule will be posted by next Wednesday


Next Meeting date: Thursday, January 19th at 6 pm


Executive Minutes Oct 27, 2016

Minutes from the Exec Meeting Oct 27/16



Present: Derek, Brent, Ian, Dineen, Dan, Kelsey, Terry, Alex

Late: Colin

Missing: Mel

Review of Exec members

We are 1 female short, several no’s.  9 members will work but will need to get non-exec to help with bonspiels.

Board Roles/duties:

President – Alex, Ian nominate

Vs-President – Derek

Secretary – Kelsey

Get Dropbox setups for Kelsey and Ian

Social Media: Facebook – Derek/Kelsey – will have to define duties

Email outs: Alex – create new email for single email outs to both men’s and ladies

Juniors: Keith and additional help

Assisting Terry: All exec members when called on.

Need to make sure Thursday men’s teams get informed and reminded of times help is required.

Managers Report:

Ice is close to ready, signage going in tomorrow along with several floods.

Replaced the hacks, 18ish years old, due to the condition of the existing ones, these will stay secured in the ice better.

Tech systems/remote connections are being setup and seem to be a great addition.

Sound system replacement – Keith is working with the Altona Foundation for a grant to help with the replacement cost.

League updates:

Men’s 13 Wednesday, 7 Thursday

Ladies 11

Wednesday Afternoon Ladies – Discussed cost difference to evening curlers they are currently $40 less per member, was decided that was ok due to reduced benefits vs evening teams.


Junior Reports – Keith & Derek

6 early and 6 late for Monday nights

Thursday afterschool 24ish as of Oct 27


MB Junior Curling Championships – Will need to start making ice in area, Dec 19th.  It will be a big project but we should take it on.  Al Friesen and Keith Stoesz will be taking on co-chair for this championship.


Assign Bonspiel Coordinators

Ladies: January 6-8, 2017 – Kelsey & Dan

Junior: January 28, 2017 – Keith & Dineen

Men: Feb 24-26, 2017 – Collin & Brent

Mixed: March 10-12, 2017 – Ian & Derek


Misc. items

Club champions updates – Many missing names

Trophy case construction, when we have updated what we have.

Broom updates, we recognise that we will not police this.

Constitution – we don’t have one, must have been lost over time.  How do we proceed with this?  Do we start with someone else’s and modify it to our needs.  Can we start with golf courses?

Junior equipment – can we use the MB Championships as a fundraiser for new brooms and equipment.

Jackets for all curlers – we will proceed and get dates for fittings.

Halbstadt Community Curling Centre has donated $500 for our Ice Plant Replacement Fund, for the use of the Altona Club during their bonspiel when they had issues with the weather.

200 Club tickets, need someone to attend Thursday night for handing out tickets. Colin and Alex will go to collect information.


Next meeting: Dec. 5th

Annual Meeting Minutes Oct 18, 2016



Agenda for Annual Meeting October 18, 2016



  1. Amendments or additions to the agenda


  1. Banner Presentations
  • High School Provincial Champions – Team Bergman
  • U18 Champions – Team Zacharias


  1. Review Minutes of 2015 Annual Meeting
  • Motion to pass the minutes
    • Motioned by Melanie Schroeder, seconded Brent Fehr, unanimous acceptance


  1. Presidents Report – Keith
  • Wendy Friesen elected to CurlManitoba board
  • Terry Peters recognized as citizen of the year last year
  • Jake Bergen recognized for 200 club work, last year was his last
  • Tuesday women – 12 teams
  • Wednesday women – ???
  • Wednesday men – 13 teams
  • Thursday men – 8 teams
  • Thursday junior – 30 curlers
  • Bonspiel Schedule
  • How do we get new adult curlers?
    • Need opportunities in March/April around time of year with national and international curling championships
    • Successful programming in Thompson “Open your doors” program in late portion of curling season
    • Asked for people who were interested in helping
      • No one right now, put it out there for people to think about


  1. Review Financials
  • Wendy Friesen will continue to manage our finances
  • See Financials report for full details
  • Assets are similar to last year
  • $36,000 left on loan, approximately 4 years left
  • Rise in membership fees last year
  • Fish Fry events were very successful
  • Junior fees down, likely a result of junior moving from junior program to mens and ladies nights
  • Good year overall
  • Motion to accept by Ian Forrester, seconded by Brad Derksen, unanimous acceptance


  1. Ice Plant Update
  • See report
  • New plant in place
  • Simco bid accepted with remote computer control
  • Shortfall of $8,000 after all grants


  1. Junior Curling Report – Derek/Keith
  • Keith is taking over the program, Derek will stay on as a coach
  • Need help on Thursdays from 5:00 – 5:50 pm
  • Extending Monday night age range to 18 years old, providing additional opportunities to high school
  • Derek – we are one of the few that have no gap in our junior curling
  • Derek and Keith


  1. Managers Report – Terry P
  • Ice plant is running well
  • Never had the opportunity to get the concrete this cold, degree colder than it has ever been
  • Patched together heat recovery system, not quite what we wanted
  • Some bugs still to work out with the computer system, Simco added over and above original contract
  • Trying to set up timer so that recycled heaters only run when no leagues are running
  • Starting to put down water tomorrow
  • Planning to have ice ready by November 1
  • Speakers in lounge are basically shot, priced out new set for $1,800
    • Too much of a buzz right now, one speaker doesn’t work at all
  • Banquets are booked every weekend (Friday, Saturday, Sunday) from 2nd weekend of November until New Years
  • Al is helping out again


  1. Traveller’s Club Championship opportunity
  • Nov 10 deadline to apply


  1. Junior Provincial Championship
  • Would likely happen between Christmas and New Years in 2017
  • Need a lot of volunteers to run the eight sheets across the hockey and curling facilities
  • CurlManitoba is very supportive of our interest


  1. Executive Nominations
  • Dineen Pippus, Grace Braun, Keith Stoesz, Terri McMillian have finished their terms
  • Derek nominates Ian Forrester, accepted
  • Derek nominates Kelsie Bergen in absentia, accepted
  • Dan moves the nominations cease, Ang seconded


  1. Adjourn

Motion to adjourn, Brent Fehr, seconded Brad Derksen

Executive Minutes Oct 3, 2016

Curling Club Meeting Minutes: October 3, 2016


Manager’s Report

  • Starting to flood October 17
  • Need to replace the sound system


President’s report

  • Received official Community Places letter grant
    • No advertising required


Financials Update

  • Starting balance adequate for start up
  • Approximately four years left to pay off loan
  • Club and ice rental rates are down
  • See Financial Report


Ice Plant Replacement

  • Checking in regularly on the plant replacement
    • Should be done by October 15
  • Computer system is installed, already running the arena ice
    • Can remotely check on the system
  • Total cost $240,000
    • electrical work came in above budget
    • $170,000 from the Millennium Capital Fund
    • $50,000 from grants
    • Approximately $20,000 outstanding
    • Ideas for rest of payment
      • Additional grant applications
      • Pay our next two capital payments ($10,000) to pay outstanding amount
      • Ask local businesses?


200 Club Minutes

  • Duties
    • Get lottery license
    • Print tickets
    • Track who has the tickets
    • Collect payments
    • Have tickets ready for Oct 18
  • Mel has offered to take on the job
    • Other executive members will help distribute the tickets


Junior Update

  • Keith leading, Derek helping
  • Keith sending out info packets in Elmwood, West Park, and Parkside
  • Registration on October 18
  • Town manages Grade 1-4 registration for Thursdays, Monday registration takes place on October 18


  • Junior Provincials Possibility
    • Curl MB is very eager to have Altona host and want the arena setting we could offer
      (we are the only junior program, and ladies, to be in an arena setting)
    • Rivers made $30,000 last year (gate was $15,000)
    • Event has to move up that year, we would prefer to have the event between Christmas and New Years as opposed to before Christmas
      • Would sacrifice a few extra days in the arena though
    • Al is negotiating dates and rates with the Town of Altona
    • Final decision will be made before this year’s Junior Provincials


Fee Structure

  • Junior Program grades 1-4 – $40 per session
  • Junior Program grades 5-8 – $85
  • High School – $50
  • Adult leagues – $220 up to 4 people, 5th member pays associate fee.
    • Keep it the same for this year, increase next year by $5
  • Associate members and subs – $50
  • Bonspiel rates – Per team – we stop offering half price to junior teams.
    • Ladies – $160
    • Men’s – $160
    • Mixed – $160
  • Rental Rates
    • 1/2 day meeting – $100
    • 8 am to 5 pm – $150
    • all day including family gatherings which can use kitchen – $200
    • parties w/bartender – $225
    • parties without  – $175
    • socials we get bar and supply tenders – $300
    • 00 for banquets – $350


Derek moves “I move to have the rates remain for the same for the 2016-2017

Collin seconds


Bonspiel Dates

Ladies: January 6-8, 2017

Junior: January 28, 2017

Men: Feb 24-26, 2017

Mixed: March 10-12, 2017


Annual Meeting Items – October 18

  • Present banners to Team Zacharias
  • Registration: 6-7 pm
    • Derek/Keith – Juniors
    • Dineen – Ladies
    • Brent/Dan – Mens
    • Keith will bring registration sheets
  • Keith will bring ice plant update


  • Exec Nominations
    • Returning Derek Wahl & Collin Sawatzky (2nd year of 2nd term), Brent & Dan willing to stay on (1st year of 2nd term), Alex Wahl & Mel Kaupilla (2nd year of 1st term)
    • Leaving Dineen,
    • Grace, Terri, Keith
    • Kelsey Bergen (Derek), Tara Funke (Dineen), Tara Penner (Mel), Quinn Hildebrand, Brittany Klassen
    • Ian (Keith), Doug Rempel (Keith),