Annual Meeting Minutes Nov 8, 2017

  1. Review of the 2016 Annual Meeting Minutes – Alex Wahl
    • Motion to move the minutes – Derek Wahl
  • Second – Keith Stoesz


  1. Junior Banners – Alex Wahl
    • 2017 Curl Manitoba U18 Provincial Championship banner has been hung


  1. Presidents Report – Alex Wahl
    • Congratulations to Keith Stoesz for winning the Curling Canada 2016 Manitoba Volunteer of the Year
    • The plant has been in operation for one full season
    • Both our male and female high school teams had great seasons last year
    • We are excited to host the Canola Growers U21 Manitoba Curling Championships at the end of the 2017 year
    • Hosting an 18+ Mixed Doubles bonspiel on November 18/17
    • We will be changing our Mixed Bonspiel to an Open Bonspiel – this will take place March 16-18/18
    • Our junior program had another very successful season


  1. Financial Report – Alex Wahl
    • Long-term Liabilities are doing very well
      • $25,000 outstanding should be paid off in the next 2 years
    • Net Income of $4,116 reflects:
      • Hit on the fish fry (higher cost of fish and lost 1 fish fry due to weather)
      • Lounge revenue/expenses are difficult to track as there is no cash in/cash out
    • Accounts Payable outstanding has been taken care of
    • Motion
      • Approve the financials – Alex Wahl
      • Second – Derek Wahl
      • All in favour


  1. Junior Curling Report – Keith Stoesz
    • Junior registration is down from 13 teams to 10 teams
      • There are teams moving into the men’s & ladies leagues – but only 1 coming up to junior
    • 20 kids are registered for Intro to Curling
      • The younger group seems to be decreasing
    • We received 2 grants to order all new equipment for the Junior program from the following organizations:
    • YIP – W.C. Miller Collegiate
    • Curtis Klassen Memorial Fund
  2. Canola Growers U21 Manitoba Curling Championships – Keith Stoesz
  • Volunteers are needed – recruitment of these volunteers is very slow
    • Need people to commit by registering on the club website
  • Sponsorship team has done a great job getting sponsors
    • Total will come to about $37,000 – $38,000


  1. Manager Report – on behalf of Terry Peters (Alex Wahl)
  • We experienced a glitch in the plant to start the year which pushed our start dates back by a week
  • We will have the opportunity to use arena shaped rocks after Christmas
  • We have a high volume of rentals taking place in the next few months
    • Christmas Banquets have already started


  1. Start Dates
  • Men’s Night – November 8th
  • Ladies Night – November 7th
  • Club Windup – March 22nd


  1. Bonspiel Dates
  • Open Doubles (18+) – November 18th
  • Women’s Bonspiel – January 12-13
  • Men’s Bonspiel – February 16-18
  • Open Bonspiel – March 16-18


  1. New Business
    • First aid kit should be put under the AED machine
    • Reminder to avoid putting your knees/hands on the ice after you shoot

















Executive Nominations

Members in mid-term:

  • Kelsie Bergen – completed 1st of 2 year term
  • Ian Forrester – completed 1st of 2 year term
  • Tara Funke – completed 1st of 2 year term
  • Dan Pappel – completed 1st of 2nd 2 year term
  • Brent Fehr – completed 1st of 2nd 2 year term


Members with completed terms:

  • Alex Wahl – Completed 1 2 year term
  • Derek Wahl – Completed 2nd 2 year term
  • Collin Sawatzky – Completed 2nd 2 year term


Members willing to join/extend term on executive:

  • Alex Wahl
  • Keith Stoesz
  • Sandy Bergen



Shawn Friesen moves that Alex Wahl extends his term on the executive.

Alex accepts.


Derek Wahl moves that Keith Stoesz joins the executive.

Keith accepts.


Kristin Opocensky moves that Sandy Bergen joins the executive.

Sandy accepts.


Vic Klassen moves that the nominations close.


Move that the meeting is adjourned – Shawn Friesen

Second – Derek Wahl


Next Meeting Dates: December 4th, 2017

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