Executive Minutes March 6, 2017

Present: Alex Wahl, Terry Peters, Brent Fehr, Collin Sawatzky, Dan Pappel, Ian Forrester, Terry McMillan & Kelsie Bergen

Missing: Dineen Pippus, Wendy Friesen, Keith Stoesz, Tara Funke, Derek Wahl


Review of the February Meeting Minutes

  • Motion to move the minutes – Alex Wahl
  • Second – Brent Fehr


Manager’s Report – Terry Peters

  • Will be increasing price the fish fry price to $18 next year
    • Cost of fish has gone up significantly ($1.50/per plate extra)
  • Look at replacing light bulbs – it has been 3 years since they’ve been changed



  • Recommendation: rubberized tile floors like the arena (without the skate guard)
  • Not financially feasible before the junior provincials


League Updates

  • Wednesday Men’s League
    • Playoffs starting this week
  • Thursday Men’s League
    • Playoffs starting this week
  • Tuesday Ladies
    • Playoffs starting this week
  • Wednesday Ladies
    • No playoffs – continuing until the end of the season
  • Junior League
    • Cancelled tonight due to weather
    • 2 more Monday’s outstanding
    • Winkler bonspiel – 4 Altona teams came out on top


Outstanding Fees

  • Down to one person


Men’s Bonspiel

  • Went well – no issues
  • 72% paid out – looking at re-analyzing this for next year
    • Considering a 60% payout


Mixed Bonspiel

  • Need to work on the bartending schedule
  • Organize kitchen help – 2 or 3 people
  • Terry will take care of a few decorations
  • When Terry calls the teams he will ask them to bring a snack for Friday night
  • Derek is working on a playlist for Saturday night


Important Dates

  • Club windup – March 23


U21 Provincials – December 2017

  • Meeting on March 13
  • Sponsorship letters will start going out in the next few weeks to businesses


Ice plant update

  • Proposal was sent to town for the outstanding $15,000
  • They will review it at their next meeting


Financial Report – Wendy

  • No report


200 Club

  • 200 club draws during the fish fry’s (4 each)
  • Do the largest ones at the Club Windup – 4 draws
  • Leave 3 outstanding to do at the April fish fry


Learning to Curl

  • 8 people attended
  • Very successful


Lounge Bookings

  • Meetings upstairs we are currently charging $75
  • Increase the price to $100


New ideas

  • Curl/crokinole bonspiel
    • Where do we set it up?
  • Mixed Bonspiel 2018
    • Mixed doubles bonspiel alongside the regular bonspiel?


Next Meeting dates:

Tuesday April 18, 2017 @ 7pm

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