Executive Minutes Oct 23, 2017

Present: Alex Wahl, Brent Fehr, Dan Pappel, Ian Forrester, Keith Stoesz, Kelsie Bergen, Sandy Bergen

Missing: Wendy Friesen, Tara Funke, Terry Peters


Review of the March Meeting Minutes

  • Motion to move the minutes – Alex Wahl
  • Second – Brent Fehr


Financial Report – Alex Wahl

  • Starting the year lower than we would like financially
  • Lounge money is enough to purchase bar stock for the start of the year
  • Lower fish fry proceeds last year (price of fish, not enough fish, storm day)
  • Questioning the Telephone expense? Is that for the whole year or only our portion?


Junior Curling – Keith Stoesz

  • Down total number of teams in the junior curling program
  • 5 teams in both the younger and older group
    • Down 18 curlers total
  • Start curling on November 6th
  • Requiring adult to be out on the ice with the younger groups (per team)
  • Coaches are set for the program
  • 17 registered on the younger Thursday group (grade 1 -4)
    • Volunteers required for the Thursday night group
    • This program will start on November 9th
  • Hit, Draw, Tap program to be completed in November
    • Points based on where the shot ends up
    • Top 3-5 from the club go to the regional competition
  • 2 grants to order new equipment
    • YIP – W.C. Miller Collegiate
    • Curtis Klassen Memorial Fund
    • Should be able to order all new equipment for the junior program


U21 Provincials

  • Planning is going well
  • Berth bonspiel last weekend – Zacharias rink won
  • Volunteers are the biggest challenge
    • 35-40 volunteers signed up online into the system
    • Encouraging these volunteers at the next 2 fish fry’s
  • Wrapping up sponsorships – near $20,000 mark right now


Manager Report – Terry Peters

  • Computer glitches – ice plant not functioning in the beginning
  • We couldn’t get enough ice in before Greg could be here
  • Now Greg is only coming November 2
  • No more glitter can be used on the ice surface – Grad committee


Executive Nominations

  • To be completed after Annual Meeting


Executive Assignments

  • Open Doubles – Alex Wahl & Keith Stoesz (will help)
  • Women’s Bonspiel – Kelsie Bergen & Dan Pappel
  • Men’s Bonspiel – Brent Fehr & Tara Funke
  • Open Bonspiel – Ian Forrester & Sandy Bergen
  • Junior Bonspiel – date to be determined? Keith Stoesz



  • Wednesday Men’s – Brent Fehr & Dan Pappel
  • Tuesday Ladies – Kelsie Bergen & Tara Funke
  • Wednesday Ladies – Sandy Bergen


200 Club – Derek Wahl

  • It will stay as a 200 club – not a 300 club for this year
  • Derek would like to move the fish fry draws all forward a month
  • Try to draw money from outside curling club members


Timeouts for Teams

  • Parent of a junior team was wondering if teams can call timeouts and a coach would go out on the ice to assist
  • Has to be open for all teams & leagues
  • 30 second time-out and coach/parent can come down to talk to the team
  • Has to be put out in the opening letter at the start of the year



  • Wendy has done it up until now and will continue to complete this task




  • Wednesday – one 6 o’clock draw, three 7 o’clock draws and one 8 o’clock draw
  • Thursday – one 7 o’clock draw



  • Tuesday – one 6 o’clock draw, three 7 o’clock draws and one 8 o’clock draw



Next Annual Meeting

  • November 8th – 6:30 pm



Move that the meeting is adjourned – Alex Wahl

Second – Kelsie Bergen


Next Meeting Dates: December 4th, 2017 & January 8th, 2018

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