Executive Minutes Sep 12, 2017

Present: Alex Wahl, Brent Fehr, Collin Sawatzky, Keith Stoesz, Dan Pappel, Tara Funke, Derek Wahl

Missing: Wendy Friesen, Terry Peters, Dineen Pippus, Terry McMillan


Review of the March Meeting Minutes

  • Motion to move the minutes – Alex Wahl
  • Second – Tara Funke


Manager’s Report – Terry Peters

  • Discuss Rental rates
    • Will confirm with Terry but want rates to go up $25 to ½ day $100, full day $200, extra $50 for kitchen
  • Ceiling Cleanup – Stacey says will be completed soon. Terry or Alex would like to be present to do a visual check.
  • Bulbs will be replaced at the clubs cost.
  • Need dots put in for the mixed doubles curling
  • Alex will see if we can get a sponsor to pay for their logo on the dots.
  • Terry may need some extra help till Al gets back.
  • Utilities clocks need to be reset on Oct 15 when the club takes over for the season
  • Dishwasher has a leak if not treated correctly, replacement should be considered in the future


League Updates

  • Wednesday & Thursday Men’s League
    • Need to draft a letter to all teams re: a balanced approach to keeping the Wed/Thurs numbers closer to each other, if not we will need to implement cross-over games
    • Best results would be an email with a follow-up phone call.
  • Tuesday Ladies
    • This is actually for all leagues, need a sign up to clarify that the bell is for the early draw only.
  • Wednesday Ladies
    • We want to have a representative from this league on the executive.
    • Consider advertising this league a bit more – newspaper ad, also for all leagues?


Start dates

  • Men’s nights Nov 1st/2nd
  • Ladies night Nov 7th
  • Club Windup March 22nd


Bonspiel Dates

  • Women’s Jan 12,13
  • Men’s Feb 16,17
  • Mixed Doubles Nov 18th
    • This is an 18+ only spiel
    • Will need a few volunteers to run the on ice side of things
  • Do we have an open bonspiel on March 16,17 instead of a mixed bonspiel??


Junior League Update

  • Start dates
    • Thursday start (Nov 9 – Dec 14)
    • Monday start date on November 6th
  • No age cap to allow more curlers to participate, not turning anyone away.
  • Posters to go out to schools
  • Quote for equipment upgrade
    • Grants not all approved yet
    • Asham price is $2500
    • Would need to order buy the end of Sept to have equipment for the start of the season


U21 Provincials – December 2017

  • Discussion around funds from sponsorship
  • Sharing percentages are being discussed
  • Volunteers are being recruited at Minor Hockey Registration Night
  • Bartenders will need to be licensed for Jr. Provincials
  • Online registration will be up and running shortly
  • No cost T-shirt if volunteering



Financial Report

  • No extra funds
  • Enough $’s to get started
  • Last season was tight but was not a loss


200 Club

  • Derek is in charge of 300 club next year – he has taken on this responsibility
  • Looking into the changes if it becomes a “300 Club” for this season
  • Distribution will also happen at Fish Frys.


Learn to Curl Next Year

  • Thursday evening or Sunday afternoon
  • Will discuss at registration meeting.



  • Wendy has run in the past
  • Should she train another person


New executives for next season – need 3



Move that the meeting is adjourned – Tara

Second – Derek


Next Meeting Date: Registration Night October 10th


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