April 11-2016

All present: Dineen Pippus, Collin Sawatzky, Derek Wahl, Keith Stoesz, Dan Pappel, Brent Fehr, Terry Peters, Terry McMillan, Grace Braun

Regrets: Ian Forrester, Alex Wahl, Al Friesen, Melanie Kauppila

1. Terry Peters has cleaned most everything up at the club with the exception to a few things in the kitchen. There are a few more rentals and meeting commitments for this week.
Terry mentioned that many of the 5 year sponsorships are complete this year.
Some discussion on a trophy case for the main floor. Keith will discuss with Red River Glass.
2. No financial report.
3. Ice plant replacement is confirmed for this year. It will be an ammonia run plant.the curling club will receive monies from the Town capitals fund. Much of this money was given to the Town of Altona to put into capital by the Altona Curling club. This new plant will be installed this summer and the clean up will be done by the same company that installs it.
There are also a few grants that we have not heard from.
4. Mixed bonspiel review
– 16 teams …up from last year and it was fun
– no band is needed for next year.
Aside notes..
– a new sound system is needed…Terry Peters will talk to Golden West Radio. Approach the Town as this is a capital item.
The Wednesday afternoon ladies donated a new coffee maker as the old one was on the way out.
5. Junior Curling program will be run by Keith Stoesz next year.
Town of Altona will be doing the registration this next year and keeping it a divided registration.
Curling next year starts on
Ladies- November 1st
Older juniors – November 7th
Younger juniors – November 10th.

Executive Meeting Mon. Feb 8, 2016

7pm ACC Lounge

Present: Terry Peters, Mel Kauppila, Dineen Pippus, Derek Wahl, Ian Forrester, Keith Stoesz, Brent Fehr

Regrets: Grace Braun, Alex, Colin, Terri McMillan

(sorry for the spelling of names and omission of last names)

Keith called the meeting to order at 705pm

Mel K offered to record minutes

Meeting followed the agenda circulated by Keith

1.Manager’s Report- Terry P. Things are going well. Parkside Jr High is curling for two weeks and will have bonspiel/fun day to wind up. Parent volunteers will probably be needed.

-Intro to curling group wind up Feb, 11, 2016.

-Terry noted that folks are ordering/replacing and changing grippers, seems to be helping with some debris on ice surface.

-Fish Fry March 2

2. Ice Plant Replacement- Keith/Terry: A donation of 20,000.00 was received from the Richardson   (Pioneer) Foundation. SYMCO & Prairie HVAC have yet to supply pricing. As well, no news from the Town of Altona as of yet.

3. Men’s league: last draws for Thursday nights will be coming up soon. Wind up March 24,2016

4. Tuesday Ladies League: A request to refund a sub payer’s fee of $50.00 was approved. (Individual has not been able to curl due to family situation)

5. Wed. afternoon Ladies League: All good, volunteers to serve at Men’s bonspiel have been found.

6. Junior’s : Wind up set for March 14 2016. Meal to players, family can buy additional meal (Chicken finger.fries. beverage). It is essential to have skilled parent/coaches for next year. High School Provincials are Feb 25-27 in Gladstone/Plumas. Jr. Bonspiel went well, slight mix up on number of teams, but a willing bunch of older kids put a team together to make things work out.

7. Men’s Bonspiel: Feb 19-21. Fish fry supper.

8. Mixed Bonspiel set for March 18-20. Theme will be a leap year/recycled St. Patrick’s Day. Planning group to look after details. Al Friesen has booked a band called “Rusty Nail”.

9. A note that there is no financial update.

10. Next Meeting: March 7, 2016 at 7pm.

Executive Meeting January 11, 2016

All Present:  Terry Peters, Terry McMillan, Dan Pappel, Keith Stoesz,  Dineen Pippus, Melanie Kauppila, Derek Wahl, Grace Braun

Regrets:  Al Friesen, Ian Forrester, Brent Fehr, Colin Sawatzky

No Financials to report.

1.  Manager’s report- Terry Peters.

Everything seems to be running well.  Banquet season is over and Terry predicts it was much the same as last year with the exception that he did mor of the meal making this year.

It was mentioned that a sign should be posted saying that it is important to change grippers.  There is a lot of rubber found on the ice.  Terry also has grippers for sale in his office.

2.  Ice plant replacement – Keith/Terry P.  The curling club has  confirmation that they will be receiving $20,000.00 from the Richardson Foundation and $5,000.00 from Altona Community Foundation to go towards the new ice plant.  Terry has spoken to 2 other companies besides Chimco for pricing and plant options.  They should have something by weekend in this regard.  The Town of Altona also wants to partner with the curling club in these decisions and funding the project.

3.  Men’s league update.  New rounds will be made up shortly since the 1st rounds are nearly complete.  The teams will be divided into “A” groups and “B” groups to determine playoffs  in March.  Playoff date is March 24 th.

Thursday mens complete their round on February 11 and will be able to play 1/2 a round following this.

4.  Ladies League- Dineen and Grace .

Things are winding down for the first round and the A vs B will happen with the ladies league as well.there are a few concerns that were addressed and will be dealt with through an email sent by Keith to all members regarding curling etiquette.

5.  Wednesday ladies league- Melanie.

There are no concerns regarding Wednesday curling and things are working out well.

6.  Junior league – Derek.

Derek would like to have someone in place for the Thursday Juniors before the season is up as he is not willing to take this on next year and this way the new coordinator can observe a few weeks before curling ends.  Thursday Junior curling in particular is very high in numbers.  Derek would really like to concentrate on growing the high school curling program.  ( Great Idea!)

7.  Ladies bonspiel- Dan, Terry M and Grace.

Food was great!  Need a place to play music that is easy to operate. Chips on tables Saturday evening were great.  Should have been someone to take pictures.  Dineen and Grace will get the names of all people on the winning teams to Keith.  Suggestions were to ditch the decorations next year and the fact that there was not a silent auction was not missed but the 50/50 draw came with 2 separate draws for baskets and this was not communicated properly.  A report will be written up and put into the binder along with suggestions for next year.

8.  Mens bonspiel- February 21 & 22.  Fish fry will be served.

9.  Junior spiel- Derek said most teams are 13 & under with the exception of one 17& under team.

10.  Mixed spiel- March 20 & 21.  Band has been hired

11.  Next meeting February 8 at 7pm.

****NOTE- Keith made special mention of some people were interned in a 6 week “Intro to Curling for Adults”

Executive Meeting November 30, 2015

Minutes – Executive Meeting

All present:  Dineen Pippus, Collin Sawatzky, Derek Wahl, Keith Stoesz, Melanie Kauppila, Dan Pappel, Brent Fehr,

Terry Peters, Terry McMillan, Grace Braun

Regrets:  Ian Forrester, Alex Wahl, Al Friesen.

1.  Manager’s Report – Terry Peters

–  Everything seems to be running well

–  Fish Fry coming up on the Dec 2nd.

–  Terry mentioned that he has already repaired a couple of leaks coming from the Heat recovery system.

These pipes are not very expensive

–  Terry called MLCC to order another sign in book for our lounge and they told him we don’t need to do that

anymore.  The signs can be taken down.

–  Question was posed to Terry of who is responsible to sound the buzzer at 7:40pm for the 6 o’ clock draw.

The decision was made that whoever is on the exec and is curling at 6pm should go in and sound the

buzzer at 7:40.

2.  Ice Plant Replacement- Keith

–  Al Friesen and Keith Stoesz met with the Town of Altona and made a pitch that the club be allowed to use

Money in reserves …$150,000.00 to go towards the ice plant and that they would borrow money …

anything exceeding this amount.  They are reviewing the request and will get back to us.

–  Keith has applied to several organizations for grants.  (Thx Keith)

–  Altona Community Foundation has granted us $4500.00

–  applications have been sent to Richardson Building, working on Community Places, Enbridge (considering)

–   Goal is to replace the plant next fall.

3.  Men’s League update – Dan & Brent

–  Wednesday and Thursday nights are going well.

–  2 entry fees are outstanding for Wednesday evening.

4. Women League update- Dineen & Grace

–  if someone is not on the sub list and are curling, should they be allowed to?  Answer from the exec was

Yes…as long as it is understood that they must play lead if they are not a member.

–  Miranda Klippenstein’s should be added to the sub list.

5. Wednesday Ladies update- Mel

–  There have been some injuries on the Wednesday curling teams but all is well and having fun.

–  Phyllis Friesen must send in the money and forms to Keith Stoesz who will update the membership

List and send to curl Manitoba before December 15th.

6. Junior update- Derek Wahl

–  Everything seems to be working well in spite of it being very busy!

–  Volunteers are working out well.

7.  Women’s Bonspiel – Dan, Grace & Terry McMillan

–  January 8-10

–  these 3 will meet on Wednesday, December 9th at the Curling Club at 4:30pm to hash out details.

–  the 1st 200 club draw is going to be made that day so tickets need to be sold and in by the spiel date.

–  the silent auction will be eliminated from the bonspiel this year and perhaps replaced by a 50/50 draw or a

nice wine, cheese and cracker basket.

8.  Junior bonspiel- Derek

–  January 23rd

–  Winkler wants to send some teams so it will be a Winkler/Altona spiel.

–  Categories by ages…younger teams – 1 hour games, older – 2 hour games

–  Keith will remove the initial information from  Curl Manitoba Website.

9.  Membership list has to be into Curl Manitoba by 12/12/15.

–  Keith will be looking after this.


Executive Meeting November 2, 2015

1.Board Roles

1.1.President: plan meetings, make agendas and act as the face of the club, has signing authority on our account


1.2.Vice President: act as President when President is not available, also has signing authority on our account


1.3.Secretary: takes and distributes meeting minutes and maintain our membership lists

Grace? – Keith will ask

1.4.Social Media and Member Communications: responsible for maintaining our facebook page, member email lists and sending out emails to members


1.5.Junior Coordinator: Coordinates the Junior Programming


1.6.Asst Junior Coordinator: Helps with the Juniors


1.7.Bar/Kitchen coordinator: Responsible to work with Terry find volunteers or employees, maintain the menus and the Powerpoint show on the Bar TV

Terri will take on volunteer/employees for kitchen help

1.8.Men’s Wednesday Liason – designated person that communicates with the Wednesday night group, responsible to ensure all curlers have paid registrations

Collin & Dan

1.9.Men’s Thursday Liason – designated person that communicates with the Thursday night group, responsible to ensure all curlers have paid registrations


1.10.Tuesday Ladies Curling Liason – designated person that communicates with the Tuesday night group, responsible to ensure all curlers have paid registrations

Grace or Dineen

1.11.Wednesday Ladies Curling Liason – designated person that communicates with the Wednesday night group, responsible to ensure all curlers have paid registrations


2.Managers Report – Terry

-Finished flooding, scraping tomorrow night

-Will be ready for Tuesday night

-Plant started up well

3.Ice Plant replacement  – Keith

-Keith met with Ron Epp to discuss options

-Nov 17 5:45 meeting with town council, Derek and Keith are going

-Going to ask for entire $140,000 Capital Reserve Fund for purchase

-Still waiting to hear back from some grants

-Town is looking to replace their condenser for the hockey rink, might make it more difficult to get entire fund

-Need to look at our responsibilities as tenant versus town as building owner

-Keith is going to put together either a handout or powerpoint for the meeting

-Looking to replace for next year

4.Men’s League Update

-Men’s draws  set for both nights and emailed out to all teams

-Exec reps on each night will collect the money

-Bell will be instituted for Men’s 6 pm draw

oBell will ring at 7:40 pm, when bell rings finish that end and one more

-Bartenders need to be at rink for 6:45 pm

5.Tuesday Ladies League Update

-No report

6.Wednesday Ladies League Update

-Starting this week at 1 pm

-Registration taken care of by the ladies at the first curling afternoon

7.Junior Update

-Intro to Curling

oStill nine openings for Intro to curling, but expecting a few more registrations

oVolunteers: Alex, Keith, Derek, Dan, Jim/Vicki?, Sheldon, Mack, Emily

oSub helpers: Ian

-Junior League

oFirst night will be practice – Vic and Nancy will be helping

oseven teams in 5 pm draw, six teams in 6:30 pm draw, but looking for a few more curlers to fill out the teams in the 6:30 draw.

oLooking for a few more volunteers

-High School League

oPracticing on Wed and Friday mornings from 7:30 am – 8:30 am

oRunning exhibition games on the open sheet of ice on Mondays during the 6:30 pm draw

8.Assign Bonspiel Coordinators

-Ladies Bonspiel January 8-10: Dan, Terry, Grace

-Junior Bonspiel January 22-23: Derek, Ian?, Alex?

-Mens Bonspiel February 19-21: Collin, Dineen?

-Mixed Bonspiel March 18-20: Keith, Brent, Mel? Al (help with the band)

9.Wall Mural Painting – Payment – four students worked a total of 5-6 hours

-$25 gift certificates for each student

-$100 donation to the art club

-Derek made a motion “I motion to give each of the four students from Miller who helped paint the murals $25 in chamber bucks and to donate $100 to the W.C. Miller Art Club”

Terry seconded it

Motion passed unanimously

10.Next Meeting

-November 30 at 7 pm

October 20, 2015 Annual General Meeting Minutes

1)President’s Report

Last year’s league numbers

-Monday Juniors: 14 teams

-Thursday Juniors: 32 curlers

-Ladies night: 13 teams

-Wed Ladies afternoon: 20 curlers

-Wed Men’s night: 10 teams

-Thursday Men’s night: 10 teams


-Ladies: January 8-10, 2015

-Junior: January 23, 2015

-Men: Feb 19-21, 2015

-Mixed: March 18-20, 2015

Windup: March 24, 2015

Update on registration 2015-2016

-Tuesday night – 10

-Wednesday night – 10

-Thursday night – 6

-Junior – TBA

Ice update

-Terry and Al working on making ice

-On schedule to start curling at the beginning of November

-New murals painted on west wall

200 Club

-Jake will coordinate 200 club tickets for this year

Junior Curling Report

-Always looking for volunteers

-This will be Derek’s last year coordinating all of the junior programs, need organizers for next year

-Numbers likely will be slightly down

-Looking to add opportunities for high school curlers

Manager’s report

– Fishing Lodge fundraiser has been offered again this year

-The lounge is not booked for only 3 or 4 weekend dates in November and December

-Looking for some help with banquets

-Need some help in the canteen, need a short order cook for bonspiel weekends

-Discussion on whether or not to have fundraiser again this year

oA number of members spoke in favour, further discussion will be had at next Curling Club executive meeting

Fish Fry Dates

-First one will be November 11

Financial Report

-See attached report


-Opportunities for fundraising are out there, but trying to balance how much we ask of the community businesses and amount of advertising on the ice and in the curling rink

-Junior curling income up

-Fish fry income down slightly, slight decrease in attendance

-Donations and grants income up due to some new grants and Ford test drive fundraiser

-Provincials brought in $10,000; mostly sponsorship money


-Expenses for ice plant were very high last year

-Overall down from year prior

Net income was $17,000, a significant portion of which was due to major fundraising that won’t be in place next year.

Ice Plant Update

-Ice plant is still original from old club, originally installed in the 1960’s

-This year, working adequately so far

-Executive is looking at replacement in the next few years

-New ice plant will be around $200,000

-Capital fund for MEC centre is available

oNeed to negotiate with the town to see how much we can ask for

-Plan is to approach Altona Town Council in the next few months with a funding proposal

-Ideal would be to replace the ice plant for next year

Motion to accept report and changes

-Motion made by Alex Wahl

-Seconded by Tara Funke

-Vote: In favour – unanimous

-Executive Nominations

-Two members not coming back

oKristin Opocensky finished her term

oJon Fehr resigning his position

-Nominations: Alex Wahl, Melanie Kauppila

-Ian Forrester will be attending some meetings to help out, will attend as a member at large

-No further nominations: Alex Wahl and Melanie Kauppila acclaimed

2015-2016 Altona Curling Club Executive: Alex Wahl, Derek Wahl, Melanie Kauppila, Collin Sawatzky, Brent Fehr, Dan Pappel, Dineen Pippus, Terri McMillan, Grace Braun, Keith Stoesz

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Attending: Grace, Derek, Colin, Dan, Brent, Keith, Dineen. Missing: Terry P, Terry M, Kristin

1.Financial Update – Keith

1.1.Had $17,000 profit in 2014-2015 season but $10,000 was from Senior prov and $6,000 from Ford Fundraiser so barely broke even on operations. Large expense of $14,000 on repairs and maintenance, mostly on ice plant

2.Ice Plant funding

2.1.Have applied for some grants but none successful yet. Town as applied for a large grant on our behalf. Keith will continue to work on applying for grants in fall.

3.Managers Report – Terry P

3.1.Need work party to repair 360 hose clamps before the season starts. Terry to set a day and Keith will send an email.

4.Rates for this season – last years rates are listed and new rates at the end of the lines.

4.1.Junior Program grades 1-4 – $40 per session or $70 for both sessions – go to $40 per session.

4.2.Junior Program grades 5-8 – $75  – go to $85

4.3.High School – $40 – go to $50

4.4.Adult leagues – $200 per person – go to $220 up to 4 people, 5th member pays associate fee.

4.5.Associate members and subs – $40 – go to $50

4.6.Bonspiel rates – Per team – we stop offering half price to junior teams.

4.6.1.Funspiel – $60 May combind funspiel with Junior bonspiel. Rate to be set at a later date.

4.6.2.Ladies – $120 – go up to $160

4.6.3.Men’s – $120 – go up to $160

4.6.4.Mixed – $140 – go up to $160

4.7.Rental Rates for 1/2 day meeting – go to $100 8 am to 5 pm – go to $150 all day including family gatherings which can use kitchen – go to $200 for parties w/bartender – go to $225 for parties without  – go to $175 for socials we get bar and supply tenders – $300 for banquets – go to $350

Motion to approve rates as set out above moved by Derek, seconded by Brent, All in Favour

5.Bonspiel dates

5.1.Funspiel – maybe run with Junior Bonspiel in early March?

5.2.Ladies – January 8-10th

5.3.Junior – Early March?

5.4.Mens – Feb 19-21

5.5.Mixed – March 18 – 20 or March 11-13

6.Annual meeting and registration date –Wednesday October 21 – Registrations start at 6:00 Meeting at 7:00.

7.Hanging Provincial Banner – above right of the bar? – talk to Terry

8.Executive terms – Below is what I could figure out

8.1.Keith and Terry M.– 1 year left on 2nd term

8.2.Kristin, Collin and Derek – completed 2 year term. Derek and Collin are willing to stay on another 2 years. Kristin will not continue.

8.3.Dan P, Brent F, Grace and Dineen – Completed 1 year of 1st term.

8.4.Jonathan Fehr – resigned

9.Junior Update – Derek would like to run some high school games. Keith and Derek to talk to Terry


10.Wall Mural Painting – Grace to follow up with Jill Ferris at the High School

To do list for annual meeting

-Verify the date works with Terry – YES

-Keith to bring registration sheets

-Collin/Dan to take Wednesday Registrations

-Brent/Keith for Thursday Registrations

-Dineen/Grace for Ladies

-Derek and a helper for Juniors

-Keith to make updated Rate sheets

-Keith to send an email regarding updated rates

-Town sign board Britney Reimer / Ron Epp: Message says Curling Club Registration/Annual Meeting

-Derek to put up posters in schools

-Derek and Keith to meet with Terry regarding some things.

Meeting adjourned 8:40

Monday, October 27, 2014

1.Meeting called to order at 7:00.

2.Election of President – Keith Stoesz volunteered to take on the role as President. Executive agreed.

3.Election of Vice President – Position is still open.

4.Secretary – Collin Sawatzky agreed to take minutes for current meeting. No permanent Secretary has been appointed.

5.Financial Report – there is money in the account and more money coming in from curling registration, etc.

Other Business:

-Terry needs more info for scheduling Ladies Night draws. Terry McMillan will provide Terry with a list.

-Junior Curling – Intro to Curling starts November 6th. Junior Curling starts November 10th.

-Collin Sawatzky is organizing Intro to Curling, Derek Wahl is organizing Junior Curling.

-Derek needs more volunteers to help out with Junior Curling.

-RVS inquired about using the ice. Derek will talk to Terry.

-Mens Curling – about half the registration money has come in.

-Currently there are 11 mens teams scheduled for Wednesday night, and 8 for Thursday night. This may be changed in the near future as registration may change.

-The Curl Manitoba Road Show will be held on November 25th. Need to finalize the schedule for the day/times/supper, etc. Also looking for volunteers. W.C. Miller Colllegiate and Parkside School will be attending. West Park School has not confirmed.

-Wall Mural – Jill Ferris would like more details on the proposed wall mural, as well as a timeline for the project. Possibly spring? Derek will talk to her.

-Tax Receipts – Derek and Wendy will look into it.

-Last year’s fishing trip draw raised $1,097. Will be doing it again this year but need more details.


-Income Statement – put money into separate account for plant. Moved by Dan Pappel, seconded by Terry McMillan.

Upcoming Bonspiels:

-Mens Bonspiel – February 13 – 15, 2015. Organizers are Collin Sawatzky and Brent Fehr.

-Ladies Bonspiel – January 9 – 11, 2015. Organizers are Kristin Opocensky, Dineen Pippus and Dan Pappel.

-Funspiel – November 15, 2014. Organizers are Keith Stoesz and Terry McMillan.

-Mixed Bonspiel – March 13 – 15, 2015. Organizers are Al Friesen, Jon Fehr and Grace Braun.

-Pub Night – December 13, 2014. Organizer is Derek Wahl.

-Junior Bonspiel – doubtful.

Fish Fry:

-Next Fish Fry is November 5, 2014.

-Future Fish Fry night is first Wednesday of every month. Price to stay the same as last year.

Next meeting will be held on Monday, December 1, 2014 at 7:00 p.m.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:10 p.m.

Annual Meeting Minutes – October 20th,  2014

Lonnie Stoesz appointed Secretary.

Presidents Report:

–Ford Fund-raiser:

–307 reports sent in

–We received the maximum amount of $6,000

–Bonspiel Dates

–Funspiel – November 15th

–Pub Night – December 13th

–Women’s – January 10th

–Men’s – February 14th

–Sr. Men’s – February 21st

–Mixed – March 13th

–Wind-up – March 26th

–Junior – TBD

Financial Report:

–Memberships were down a bit last year. Back to our ‘normal’ amount.

–Ice Rentals were down

–Junior registration was up

–Fish Fry prices rebounded back to normal after down year

–Donations and Grants were down. 2012/2013 had excess due to Scotties

–Repairs are up due to rug replacement

Managers Report:

–Fishing Trip Draw to be done again this year.

–They will supply everything, including tickets. No cost to us.

–Rugs replaced this summer

–Club Lounge is mostly booked up

Executive Update:

–Lonnie Stoesz and Vanessa Penner have finished their terms

–New to this years executive:

–Grace Braun

–Brent Fehr

–Daniel Pappel

–John Fehr

–Dineen Pippus

–Melanie moves to appoint Wendy Friesen as Treasurer. Terri seconded. Motion Passed.

Jake Bergen will handle the 200 Club

–Please return tickets to Jake by December 1st

Junior Curling Update:

–Time reduction for Intro To Curling

–Grades 1 – 4. Will take place on Thursdays

–Junior League is now just Monday’s

–So far we have 2 draws worth of teams

–We are looking for someone to ‘run’ with this program. If you are interested, please let us know.

Pub Night:

–+18. Show up, we’ll put teams together and enjoy drinks and some appetizers

–$10 to curl, includes the cost of food. $5 to just watch

–This is a night just for fun and to give beginner and non-regular curlers a chance to curl

–Really positive  response last year.

–December 13th. We will look to do more in January/February

Curl Manitoba Road Show:

–Reid Carruthers will be present along with another female curler tba

–Date is set for November 25th

–Fun event to teach juniors and adults

–We are hoping schools will sign up for kids to participate.

Provincial Senior Mens:

–Organizing Committee is coming together

–Quinn Hildebrand is in charge of volunteers once again

October 7th, 2014

Present: Vanessa, Keith, Al, Terri M., Kristin, Derek, Lonnie

Absent: Jake, Terry P., Collin

Rhineland Car Fund-raising Event:

–307 reports sent in. We expect some to be rejected.

–Some sort of ‘Thank you’ should be sent to Rhineland Car?

Fishing Lodge Raffle:

–Couple wants to run the contest again

–They will supply the tickets this time around

Road Show – November 25th:

–Kaitlyn Lawes can not make the 25th

–Kaitlyn was the big draw – do we change the date to accommodate her?

–Schools have not been contacted yet – Derek to look into once a date has been finalized.

Bonspiel Dates:

Funspiel – November 15th

Pub Night – December 13th

Women’s – January 10th

Men’s – February 14th

Sr. Men’s – February 21st

Mixed – March 13th

Wind-up – March 26th

Junior – TBD

Registration – Monday, October 20th:

–Derek to register juniors.

–Advertisement? Emails, Facebook, Chamber sign, radio?

Senior Men’s:

–Organizing Committee is coming together

–Positive outlook

Chicken Chef Mixed:

–Cheque to be presented Thursday, October 9th

–Newspaper and radio press to be present

2014 Junior Curling Fees:

–Grades 1-4 is $70 for the whole year or $40 for half

–Grades 5-9 is $75 for the Junior League

–High School Curlers will be charges the $40 Associate Membership fee, IF they are not involved in any other ACC league

–Juniors curling in Men’s/Ladies Night is $75 or $40 if also participating in the Junior League

2014 Culing Fees:

–Keith moves to keep Adult Fee structure of $800 per team for 2014/2015 curling season

–Derek seconded. Approved.


–Terri M., Derek and Keith to organize

Other Business:

–Al to serve as a liaison between Altona Curling Club and Town Council