Executive Minutes Sep 12, 2017

Present: Alex Wahl, Brent Fehr, Collin Sawatzky, Keith Stoesz, Dan Pappel, Tara Funke, Derek Wahl

Missing: Wendy Friesen, Terry Peters, Dineen Pippus, Terry McMillan


Review of the March Meeting Minutes

  • Motion to move the minutes – Alex Wahl
  • Second – Tara Funke


Manager’s Report – Terry Peters

  • Discuss Rental rates
    • Will confirm with Terry but want rates to go up $25 to ½ day $100, full day $200, extra $50 for kitchen
  • Ceiling Cleanup – Stacey says will be completed soon. Terry or Alex would like to be present to do a visual check.
  • Bulbs will be replaced at the clubs cost.
  • Need dots put in for the mixed doubles curling
  • Alex will see if we can get a sponsor to pay for their logo on the dots.
  • Terry may need some extra help till Al gets back.
  • Utilities clocks need to be reset on Oct 15 when the club takes over for the season
  • Dishwasher has a leak if not treated correctly, replacement should be considered in the future


League Updates

  • Wednesday & Thursday Men’s League
    • Need to draft a letter to all teams re: a balanced approach to keeping the Wed/Thurs numbers closer to each other, if not we will need to implement cross-over games
    • Best results would be an email with a follow-up phone call.
  • Tuesday Ladies
    • This is actually for all leagues, need a sign up to clarify that the bell is for the early draw only.
  • Wednesday Ladies
    • We want to have a representative from this league on the executive.
    • Consider advertising this league a bit more – newspaper ad, also for all leagues?


Start dates

  • Men’s nights Nov 1st/2nd
  • Ladies night Nov 7th
  • Club Windup March 22nd


Bonspiel Dates

  • Women’s Jan 12,13
  • Men’s Feb 16,17
  • Mixed Doubles Nov 18th
    • This is an 18+ only spiel
    • Will need a few volunteers to run the on ice side of things
  • Do we have an open bonspiel on March 16,17 instead of a mixed bonspiel??


Junior League Update

  • Start dates
    • Thursday start (Nov 9 – Dec 14)
    • Monday start date on November 6th
  • No age cap to allow more curlers to participate, not turning anyone away.
  • Posters to go out to schools
  • Quote for equipment upgrade
    • Grants not all approved yet
    • Asham price is $2500
    • Would need to order buy the end of Sept to have equipment for the start of the season


U21 Provincials – December 2017

  • Discussion around funds from sponsorship
  • Sharing percentages are being discussed
  • Volunteers are being recruited at Minor Hockey Registration Night
  • Bartenders will need to be licensed for Jr. Provincials
  • Online registration will be up and running shortly
  • No cost T-shirt if volunteering



Financial Report

  • No extra funds
  • Enough $’s to get started
  • Last season was tight but was not a loss


200 Club

  • Derek is in charge of 300 club next year – he has taken on this responsibility
  • Looking into the changes if it becomes a “300 Club” for this season
  • Distribution will also happen at Fish Frys.


Learn to Curl Next Year

  • Thursday evening or Sunday afternoon
  • Will discuss at registration meeting.



  • Wendy has run in the past
  • Should she train another person


New executives for next season – need 3



Move that the meeting is adjourned – Tara

Second – Derek


Next Meeting Date: Registration Night October 10th


Executive Minutes Feb 16, 2017

ACC Exec Minutes: Feb 16, 2017


Minutes read

  • Alex moved
  • Collin seconded


Manager Report

  • Fish Fry: stay at $15 for rest of the year, looking at $17 for next year
    • Going to ask for fish to be set aside in the summer (800 lbs)
  • 200 club
    • Lots of people asking Terry, asking
    • Making the draw at the fish fry
    • Go up to 400 club? 300 club? Raise price to $50
    • Think about it for next year
  • Ice Conditions
    • Some rug fibers on the ice
    • Using heat recovery system means a lot more air movement
    • Seeing fuzz on the ice after flooding, debris in the air
    • Ideas for replacing carpet
      • Wondering if the kitchen flooring material would work on the walkways
        • Will it crack, will it withstand the cold
      • Winkler uses rubber mats
        • Probably breaks down quickly
      • Summer decking
        • Expensive
      • Box liner spray?
      • Get rid of walkways?
      • Carpet sealer
        • Brent will look into it, so will Tara


Men’s Bonspiel

  • 14 teams right now,
  • Brent, Collin, and Tara are going to run it
  • All set


Mixed Bonspiel

  • Terry: decorating,
  • Ian: bartending
  • Derek: theme
  • 50/50 on Saturday
  • No age restrictions


Thursday Night

  • One draw at a time, so people remember to mark their wins and loses
  • Look for someone from each night to be on executive





Junior Bonspiel

  • Full day of curling
  • Winkler send 8 teams, 8 teams from Altona
  • Separated the teams into two pools by ability level
  • Lots of people here, people stayed almost all day


Junior League

  • Thursday program wrapped up today
    • 34 different curlers total
  • One more week of regular curling in the Monday league
    • Two person team has been awkward at times
  • Next year
    • Keep people curling in the junior program as long as they are in school, no age limits
    • Concerned about keeping the momentum going
      • Losing boys, some gaps in the ages


Ice Plant

  • We owe $15000 on the ice plant after all grants
  • Accounts Payable
    • $42000 – ice plant (15000), lease payment (10,000), capital fund (10,000)
  • Ask to have capital fund payment go toward the ice plant debt
    • Remind them that we are paying for things beyond the lease agreement
  • Keith will follow up with Al
  • Had a broken pipe last week
    • Fix should be warranty, he admitted to it at the time


Rest of Season

  • Club Windup, March 23
  • Playoffs start week of March 6
    • Ladies should be able to stay on Tuesdays
    • Men should be able to stick to once a week, stay on either a Wednesday or Thursday



  • Sponsorship letter is being created
  • A number of people are committed to selling
  • Sponsors rewards will be simplified – day passes
  • Working on volunteer letter
    • Need to determine volunteer clothing costs
    • Looking at shirts and fleeces (two options)
  • New special event coordinator, we will be the person’s first event
  • Need between 200-250
    • 60 ice
    • 35-40 officials
  • CurlManitoba will send out trainers
    • Hoping for training session in November
    • Should be able to get clocks early
  • Should be able to leave up advertising

Financial Report

  • Membership is down
  • Fundraiser membership is down, because a portion of the membership cost goes to fundraiser membership
  • Banquet payout is quite different


200 Club

  • All sold, all money is in


Adult curling

  • March 3rd evening
  • Advertising costs were too high to consider
  • Put it on the events page of pvonline


Regional Connections

  • March 27: curling for newcomers to community


New ideas for getting people to curl

  • Try to change the way bonspiels run: Stonewall Fun Night
  • Mostly non club members, some non-curlers
  • Feel like we aren’t ready to change all of our bonspiels yet
  • Looks like a good idea for the fall
    • Run a more structured pub night idea
    • Friday night adult only event
  • Run fundraiser events


Executive Minutes Dec 8, 2016


Present: Alex Wahl, Derek Wahl, Brent Fehr, Ian Forrester, Keith Stoesz, Dan Pappel & Kelsie Bergen

Missing: Collin Sawatzky, Dineen Pippus, Wendy Friesen


Review of the October Meeting Minutes

  • Motion to move the minutes – Ian
  • Second – Derek


Board Roles

  • Men’s Wednesday Liaison
    • Dan Pappel & Collin Sawatzky
  • Men’s Thursday Liaison
    • Brent Fehr
  • Female Executive Role needs to be filled
    • Possibly Tara Funke-Friesen
  • Board would like representation from the Wednesday Afternoon Ladies Group
    • Alex will attend their draw next Wednesday to ask the group
  • 200 Club Organization
    • Ian Forrester & Derek Wahl


Manager’s Report

  • Terry couldn’t find enough fish for the December Fish Fry – had to cancel the fish fry
    • Due to mild weather
  • Terry has ordered the sound system
    • Received a grant to cover $1000 of the sound system


League Updates

  • Wednesday Men’s League
    • No Report
  • Thursday Men’s League
    • No Report
  • Tuesday Ladies
    • The Bell at 7:40 has not been going off (limited exec representation)
  • Junior League
    • 5:00 group – 7 teams (Monday)
    • 6:30 group – 6 teams (Monday)
    • Thursday Night – 28 kids
    • Have to reschedule next week Thursdays junior group due to the rescheduled High School tournament
  • High school League
    • Hosting high school tournament – had to be rescheduled due to a storm
    • Practice continues on Tuesday and Friday morning


Ice plant

  • Total cost – 246,688
  • Town budget – 175,000
  • Curling club raised through grants – 55,000
  • Outstanding – 12,000
  • Reason it went up – increase in electrical cost
  • Electrical Budget – 8000, came in at 19,000
    • Trying to determine how balance will be paid
  • Town is wanting to close off the purchase at the end of the year and put it on a A/P for $12,000
    • Next question: Can the capital fund payment go to pay this off?
    • We put $10,000 a year into the capital fund


Provincial Update

  • Committed to hosting the 2018 under 21 Junior Provincials
  • Date: Dec 26-31, 2017
  • This event will required both the curling and arena ice
  • 16 men’s and 16 ladies’ teams
  • Working on getting a committee together to run it
  • Co-heads of the Provincials: Keith Stoesz & Al Friesen
  • Main sponsor of the event: Canola Growers sponsor
    • They have requested Green & Yellow Rings
  • We can sell decals on the arena ice with the sponsorships
  • Curl MB pays for the ice maker
  • ACC pays his accommodations and his daily per diem
  • Greg needs 36 hours to get the ice in the arena
    • They want to get into the arena on Dec 21-22
    • Nothing will be done on Christmas Day


Jacket Update

  • 10 jackets sold
  • Alex will take care of placing the order with Prairie Sky Promotions


Financial Report – Wendy

  • Bank account holding strong
    • Paid town bill and outstanding balance will be paid in January
    • Waiting for start-up bills from Terry
  • RM of Rhineland has sent a form to fill out for the end of year grant usually received



  • Club Trophies – nobody will take on this task at this time
    • Trophies will be brought to the January meeting to see where to start
  • Trophy case construction
    • Before we take on this project, we need to figure out where we’re at with the ice plant
    • Focus on costs that are running the club – determine where we are at financially
  • Updating Junior Equipment
    • We will use $$ from the Junior Provincial to promote the growth of our own Junior program
  • Learn to Curl Friday night program
    • Keith Stoesz, Al Friesen & Tara Funke will head this up
    • Spend money on advertising (echo, facebook)
  • Ladies Bonspiel
    • Planning is well underway
    • Theme: Pretty in Pink
    • Posters will be distributed by next Tuesday
    • Bartending Schedule will be posted by next Wednesday


Next Meeting date: Thursday, January 19th at 6 pm