Ladies Playoff Draw

 Ladies Playoff Draw 2016-2017Ladies Playoff Draw 2016-2017Ladies Playoff Draw 2016-2017

Mens Playoff Draw

Men's Playoff Draw 2016-2017

Tuesday Ladies League

With 7 weeks left in the season, the Tuesday night ladies teams have been divided into an A group (5 teams) and B group (6 teams) based on their records through the first round. To keep an even number of games for the A group teams, we need five weeks of curling. An exhibition round has been created for Jan 17 that will not count towards the final standings and a week has been left for back games on Feb 28. The other five weeks will be used to determine the grand aggregate out of the A group. Playoffs will begin March 6.

Wednesday Mens League

The second round of the Wednesday mens league schedule has been grouped into an A group and a B group. The Grand Aggregate will be determined out of the A group. Teams who had back games from the first round may still play out those games but note that all games must be recorded by March 1 to determine the Grand Aggregate and playoff seeding. If a back game is being played from the 1st round, please communicate the results to Terry or Derek.

Thursday Mens League

Feb 9 has been scheduled with back games with the remaining teams scheduled for an exhibition game that won’t count in the standings. The final three weeks will be a mini round with the teams divided into an A and B group. Wally, Jeff, and Kris will play off in the A group with the remaining four teams in B group. 

Junior League