Meeting Minutes

Minutes from January 19, 2017

Present: Alex Wahl, Derek Wahl, Brent Fehr, Collin Sawatzky, Dan Pappel & Kelsie Bergen

Missing: Dineen Pippus, Wendy Friesen, Ian Forrester, Keith Stoesz, Tara Funke

Motion that Alex Wahl is the President for the 2016-2017 Year

  • Motion – Derek
  • Second – Collin
  • All in favour – unanimous

 Review of the December Meeting Minutes

  • Motion to move the minutes – Alex
  • Second – Brent

 Manager’s Report – Terry Peters

  • Going to replace the rubber membranes into the filtration system
    • Membranes don’t last long due to town water (high chlorine)
  • Fish fry numbers were decent in January
    • Decision to run at the current price for the rest of the year
    • Will re-assess the price next year
    • If the price of fish stays high, the price will need to increase
  • Feedback from Ladies Bonspiel – money
    • 12 out of 16 teams are getting paid out money during the bonspiel
    • Consideration for paying only the winners and losers of each event

 League Updates

  • Wednesday Men’s League
    • End of schedule – lots of back games that need to get played
    • Only 5 weeks left
  • Thursday Men’s League
    • A lot of back games / cancellations
      • No solution for this
    • Tuesday Ladies
      • No Report
    • Junior League
      • 25 registered in the Thursday group for the New Year
      • Bonspiel Preparation
        • One team away from being full for the bonspiel
        • Most spots are filled for the canteen schedule
      • High school League
        • Teams competing in zones in the coming week

Outstanding Fees

  • Fairly extensive list of outstanding fees
    • Derek & Alex are working on this
    • Another round of emails will be sent out

Men’s Bonspiel

  • Posters & bartending schedule have been posted

Important Dates

  • Start playoffs – March 6
  • Club windup – March 23

U21 Provincials – December 2017

  • Slowly filling the volunteer positions
  • Need a sponsorship coordinator and volunteer coordinator
  • Another meeting in the near future

Ice plant update

  • No problems or glitches
  • Heat recovery system seems to be good

 Financial Report – Wendy

  • No report

Learning to Curl

  • Date? Friday March 3

Next Meeting dates:

Thursday, February 16th at 6 pm

Monday, March 6th at 7 pm

Minutes from December 8, 2016

Present: Alex Wahl, Derek Wahl, Brent Fehr, Ian Forrester, Keith Stoesz, Dan Pappel & Kelsie Bergen

Missing: Collin Sawatzky, Dineen Pippus, Wendy Friesen

Review of the October Meeting Minutes

  • Motion to move the minutes – Ian
  • Second – Derek

Board Roles

  • Men’s Wednesday Liaison
    • Dan Pappel & Collin Sawatzky
  • Men’s Thursday Liaison
    • Brent Fehr
  • Female Executive Role needs to be filled
    • Possibly Tara Funke-Friesen
  • Board would like representation from the Wednesday Afternoon Ladies Group
    • Alex will attend their draw next Wednesday to ask the group
  • 200 Club Organization
    • Ian Forrester & Derek Wahl

Manager’s Report

  • Terry couldn’t find enough fish for the December Fish Fry – had to cancel the fish fry
    • Due to mild weather
  • Terry has ordered the sound system
    • Received a grant to cover $1000 of the sound system

League Updates

  • Wednesday Men’s League
    • No Report
  • Thursday Men’s League
    • No Report
  • Tuesday Ladies
    • The Bell at 7:40 has not been going off (limited exec representation)
  • Junior League
    • 5:00 group – 7 teams (Monday)
    • 6:30 group – 6 teams (Monday)
    • Thursday Night – 28 kids
    • Have to reschedule next week Thursdays junior group due to the rescheduled High School tournament
  • High school League
    • Hosting high school tournament – had to be rescheduled due to a storm
    • Practice continues on Tuesday and Friday morning

Ice plant

  • Total cost – 246,688
  • Town budget – 175,000
  • Curling club raised through grants – 55,000
  • Outstanding – 12,000
  • Reason it went up – increase in electrical cost
  • Electrical Budget – 8000, came in at 19,000
    • Trying to determine how balance will be paid
  • Town is wanting to close off the purchase at the end of the year and put it on a A/P for $12,000
    • Next question: Can the capital fund payment go to pay this off?
    • We put $10,000 a year into the capital fund

Provincial Update

  • Committed to hosting the 2018 under 21 Junior Provincials
  • Date: Dec 26-31, 2017
  • This event will required both the curling and arena ice
  • 16 men’s and 16 ladies’ teams
  • Working on getting a committee together to run it
  • Co-heads of the Provincials: Keith Stoesz & Al Friesen
  • Main sponsor of the event: Canola Growers sponsor
    • They have requested Green & Yellow Rings
  • We can sell decals on the arena ice with the sponsorships
  • Curl MB pays for the ice maker
  • ACC pays his accommodations and his daily per diem
  • Greg needs 36 hours to get the ice in the arena
    • They want to get into the arena on Dec 21-22
    • Nothing will be done on Christmas Day

Jacket Update

  • 10 jackets sold
  • Alex will take care of placing the order with Prairie Sky Promotions

Financial Report – Wendy

  • Bank account holding strong
    • Paid town bill and outstanding balance will be paid in January
    • Waiting for start-up bills from Terry
  • RM of Rhineland has sent a form to fill out for the end of year grant usually received


  • Club Trophies – nobody will take on this task at this time
    • Trophies will be brought to the January meeting to see where to start
  • Trophy case construction
    • Before we take on this project, we need to figure out where we’re at with the ice plant
    • Focus on costs that are running the club – determine where we are at financially
  • Updating Junior Equipment
    • We will use $$ from the Junior Provincial to promote the growth of our own Junior program
  • Learn to Curl Friday night program
    • Keith Stoesz, Al Friesen & Tara Funke will head this up
    • Spend money on advertising (echo, facebook)
  • Ladies Bonspiel
    • Planning is well underway
    • Theme: Pretty in Pink
    • Posters will be distributed by next Tuesday
    • Bartending Schedule will be posted by next Wednesday

Next Meeting date: Thursday, January 19th at 6 pm

Minutes from the Exec Meeting Oct 27/16

Present: Derek, Brent, Ian, Dineen, Dan, Kelsey, Terry, Alex Late: Colin Missing: Mel

Review of Exec members 

  • We are 1 female short, several no’s.  9 members will work but will need to get non-exec to help with bonspiels.

Board Roles/duties: 

  • President – Alex, Ian nominate
  • Vs-President – Derek
  • Secretary – Kelsey

Get Dropbox setups for Kelsey and Ian

Social Media: Facebook – Derek/Kelsey – will have to define duties

Email outs: Alex – create new email for single email outs to both men’s and ladies

Juniors: Keith and additional help

  • Assisting Terry: All exec members when called on.
  • Need to make sure Thursday men’s teams get informed and reminded of times help is required.

Managers Report: 

  • Ice is close to ready, signage going in tomorrow along with several floods.
  • Replaced the hacks, 18ish years old, due to the condition of the existing ones, these will stay secured in the ice better.
  • Tech systems/remote connections are being setup and seem to be a great addition.
  • Sound system replacement – Keith is working with the Altona Foundation for a grant to help with the replacement cost.

League updates: 

  • Men’s 13 Wednesday, 7 Thursday
  • Ladies 11
  • Wednesday Afternoon Ladies – Discussed cost difference to evening curlers they are currently $40 less per member, was decided that was ok due to reduced benefits vs evening teams.

Junior Reports – Keith & Derek 

  • 6 early and 6 late for Monday nights
  • Thursday afterschool 24ish as of Oct 27
  • MB Junior Curling Championships – Will need to start making ice in area, Dec 19th.  It will be a big project but we should take it on.  Al Friesen and Keith Stoesz will be taking on co-chair for this championship.

Assign Bonspiel Coordinators 

  • Ladies: January 6-8, 2017 – Kelsey & Dan
  • Junior: January 28, 2017 – Keith & Dineen
  • Men: Feb 24-26, 2017 – Collin & Brent
  • Mixed: March 10-12, 2017 – Ian & Derek

Misc. items 

  • Club champions updates – Many missing names
  • Trophy case construction, when we have updated what we have.
  • Broom updates, we recognise that we will not police this.
  • Constitution – we don’t have one, must have been lost over time.  How do we proceed with this?  Do we start with someone else’s and modify it to our needs.  Can we start with golf courses?
  • Junior equipment – can we use the MB Championships as a fundraiser for new brooms and equipment.
  • Jackets for all curlers – we will proceed and get dates for fittings.
  • Halbstadt Community Curling Centre has donated $500 for our Ice Plant Replacement Fund, for the use of the Altona Club during their bonspiel when they had issues with the weather.
  • 200 Club tickets, need someone to attend Thursday night for handing out tickets. Colin and Alex will go to collect information.

Next meeting: Dec. 5th

Minutes Agenda for Annual Meeting October 18, 2016

  1. Amendments or additions to the agenda
  1. Banner Presentations
  • High School ProvincialChampions – Team Bergman
  • U18 Champions– Team Zacharias
  1. Review Minutes of 2015Annual Meeting Motion to pass the minutes
  • Motioned by Melanie Schroeder, seconded Brent Fehr, unanimous acceptance
  1. Presidents Report – Keith
  • Wendy Friesen elected toCurlManitoba board
  • Terry Peters recognized as citizen of the year last year
  • Jake Bergen recognized for 200 club work, last year was his last
  • Tuesday women – 12 teams
  • Wednesday women – ???
  • Wednesday men – 13 teams
  • Thursday men – 8 teams
  • Thursday junior – 30 curlers
  • Bonspiel Schedule
  • How do we get new adult curlers?
  • Need opportunities in March/April around time of year with national and international curling championships
  • Successful programming in Thompson “Open your doors” program in late portion of curling season
  • Asked for people who were interested in helping
  • No one right now, put it out there for people to think about
  1. Review Financials
  • Wendy Friesen will continue to manage our finances
  • See Financials report for full details
  • Assets are similar to last year
  • $36,000 left on loan, approximately 4years left
  • Rise in membership fees last year
  • Fish Fry events were very successful
  • Junior fees down, likely a result of junior moving from junior program tomens and ladies nights
  • Good year overall
  • Motion to accept by Ian Forrester, seconded by BradDerksen, unanimous acceptance
  1. Ice Plant Update
  • See report
  • New plant in place
  • Simcobid accepted with remote computer control
  • Shortfall of $8,000 after all grants
  1. Junior Curling Report– Derek/Keith
  • Keith is taking over the program, Derek will stay on as a coach
  • Need help on Thursdays from 5:00 – 5:50 pm
  • Extending Monday night age range to 18 years old, providing additional opportunities to high school
  • Derek – we are one of the few that have no gap in our junior curling
  • Derek and Keith
  1. Managers Report – Terry P
  • Ice plant is running well
  • Never had the opportunity to get the concrete this cold, degree colder than it has ever been
  • Patched together heat recovery system, not quite what we wanted
  • Some bugs still to work out with the computer system,Simco added over and above original contract
  • Trying to set up timer so that recycled heaters only run when no leagues are running
  • Starting to put down water tomorrow
  • Planning to have ice ready by November 1
  • Speakers in lounge are basically shot, priced out new set for $1,800
  • Too much of a buzz right now, one speaker doesn’t work at all
  • Banquets are booked every weekend (Friday, Saturday, Sunday) from 2ndweekend of November until New Years
  • Al is helping out again
  1. Traveller’sClub Championship opportunity
  • Nov 10 deadline to apply
  1. Junior Provincial Championship
  • Would likely happen between Christmas and New Years in 2017
  • Need a lot of volunteers to run the eight sheets across the hockey and curling facilities
  • CurlManitobais very supportive of our interest
  1. Executive Nominations
  • DineenPippus, Grace Braun, Keith Stoesz, Terri McMillian have finished their terms
  • Derek nominates Ian Forrester, accepted
  • Derek nominates Kelsie Bergen in absentia, accepted
  • Dan moves the nominations cease,Ang seconded
  1. Adjourn
  • Motion to adjourn, Brent Fehr, seconded Brad Derksen